If the NBA Put On a Concert…

The NBA has quite a few athletes that have other talents. Specifically in the music world. So I wondered what would an NBA sponsored concert look like???

As the first opener we have Longo Ball and Lance Stephenson performing their “hit” single “Swerve”.

Here’s the video for their song that they would open up the show with;

Next we would have the man the myth, Dame Dolla, or as most know him Damian Lillard.

Now I can vouch that Dame is actually an extremely talented rapper. Probably the best athlete rapper of all time. He’s someone I would genuinely recommend to rap fans. Here’s some evidence of his free styling skills on popular radio show “Sway in the Morning”.

Dude. Has. Skills.

And for our headliner… we have an actor, a cop, a rapper, a DJ, TNT television personality and quite possibly the NBA’s greatest big man of all time… SHAQ.

Shaq has one of the most unique and experienced lives I’ve ever seen. But this man is just fun to watch on all fronts and definitely would be the main seller for tickets to this concert. Below you’ll find some of Shaq’s rapping and DJing skills in display. WORTH the hype trust me.

Tell me that wouldn’t be some of the most fun you could ever have.

So, once things go back to normal I think the NBA should maybe kick this idea around. You know all of them would be down to participate. They could live stream it and host one incredible concert. Let’s just hope for it, and get ready to buy them tickets.

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