He’s Baaaaaaaaack


I have been idly sitting back patiently waiting but I can’t anymore. I cannot sit through the complete hack job this entire division has done to the only QB with hardwar in the North. Ladies and Gents, He Back.

Every. Single. Year. The same texts come through, the same DM’s. “ThIs Is YoUr QuArTeRbAck?” “You guys won’t win 9 games.” “The Ravens are the Kings.” “The Browns are the BEST TEAM.” “The Bengals….” yeah nvm, not even Keaton talks smack about the Bengals situation (yet!)

Ben Roethlisberger grew a huge, messy beard and NFL fans had jokes

HYFR it is. That man right there is the QB to beat in the North and you can’t say anything otherwise. Year after year after year after year, the hate for Yinzer Nation grows outside the Steel City. It’s wiiiiiiiild considering that the game of Football isn’t played on paper (Insert Browns Fans Here).

I’m big geeked for this upcoming season barring COVID disruption, especially with a first ballot HOF quarterback returning. I know what’s going to be said, it’s the same dead beat answers Steeler’s fans have had for years.

Also, just for the record his beard was magical. I never even felt hate for it, the man looks like a dude being a guy being a man. Plain and simple.

11-5. Sharpie it in.

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