Is Microsoft ahead of Sony already with next-gen?

If you’re a big console gamer, you probably remember the absolute shit show of an E3 presentation Microsoft had when announcing the Xbox One. They pretty much screwed up everything they possibly could with it. Always online, $100 more expensive than the PS4, pointless Kinect, etc. It was quite the PR disaster for the tech giant, and it relayed throughout the rest of the generation, with Sony always ahead of them.

Granted, towards the end of the generation and the introduction of the super powered Xbox One X blowing the PS4 Pro out of the water, it gave Microsoft some traction. The only thing PlayStation necessarily had on Xbox was the console exclusives, and that can’t really be argued.

Enter 2020: where almost halfway through the year the PS5 launches and literally no one knows what it looks like. Yikes. Microsoft had a surprise reveal at The Game Awards LAST YEAR that showcased the new Xbox Series X. Not only did they nail it, but they went along with the memes, creating ads that advertised the Xbox Series X with a fridge for comparison. That’s some solid marketing in my opinion. So does that put Microsoft ahead in the next-gen race?

Microsoft assures Xbox fans that the Series X is, in fact, smaller ...

In my opinion, yes, yes it does. We’ve seen NOTHING about the PS5, besides the technical aspects of it in what might have been the most boring reveal I’ve ever sat through. I only sat through it with the hope that maybe they’ll reveal how it looks…but they didn’t. It was a gigantic waste of time and explained the specifications of each individual part of the system it seemed like. Which, to the vast majority of people, no one cares about.

That’s not to say that Microsoft has killed it entirely, even though for the most part they have. Where Microsoft dropped the ball is just last week, when they announced a gameplay reveal for some third party games on the system. Except…there was about a minute of gameplay being shown throughout the 25 minute reveal…so that was certainly a blunder, but nothing that has eliminated their lead.

Sony better get their heads out of the sand and do something, because Microsoft is gaining some serious traction. Come July when they reveal gameplay and first party titles, including what might arguably be the most anticipated title of the year (second maybe to Cyberpunk), Halo Infinite, they’ll be put even farther behind. Might wanna kick in into gear Sony!

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