Can We Call It A Comeback?

Look, it’s no secret that players go through injuries all the time.

But to see what Alex Smith has gone through over the past few years and then to see this video today, is something short of amazing.

Now, I don’t know if you’ve seen How I Met Your Mother but last night I watched the episode where Marshall tells stories about miracles that have happened in his life after Ted gets into a minor car accident.

Well the big guy should add another one to his list because this recovery and Alex Smith’s battle for his life is nothing short of a miracle.

Here’s the back story.

Back in 2018, during the Redskins’ matchup with the Houston Texans in Week 11, Smith suffered a devastating compound leg fracture that ended his season and threatened his career.

But it didn’t end their for former No. 1 pick. Throughout the rest of his recovery, Smith also suffered from multiple infections that actually threatened his life. He had to undergo 17 different surgeries just to save his leg.

I mean, look at this device he had on his leg.

And I’m not going to place the video of his injury in here because it’s pretty gruesome, but you can find it here if your stomach is tough enough for it.

Also, ESPN just released #Project11 recently which documented Smith’s recovery as well. I haven’t seen it myself but I’ve heard it’s great and to see what Smith actually had to undergo is a different experience.

Honestly though, just to see his recovery, just to see him running around, to see him throwing a football. That deserves everything. Congrats A. Smith, keep on plugging.

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