Anyone else?

Last night, “The Last Dance” opened us up into the world of Michael Jordan off the court and how the greatest-of-all-time really did feel worn out by the inability to walk out in public, but also the consistent pressure to perform year in and year out knowing that your organization wasn’t fully behind you.

We found out that Jordan, in his eyes, didn’t have a gambling problem, he had a winning problem. I woke up this morning realizing that MJ and I have one common issue…

Absolute annihilation of people who think they’re better than us.

MAN o MAN if you tuned into the TFTB Fifa Challenge yesterday you witnessed greatness. This was switching hands at the rim type of domination, one that I don’t believe Dennis will make it back alive from.

In a best of 3 game matchup, Dennis rode into town with a heart of determination and eyes set on revenge. Game one was a wash, tied at the 90th minute. Since the game mode we had on wasn’t allowing for overtime we both agreed the first game just wouldn’t count. Then…then things got ugly.

An aggregate is when the total scores of two games (one home, one away for each team) get a total for the two matchups. This is a beneficial way to decide the impact of an away goal versus a home goal, but that situation matters a lot less when the total aggregate is 10-2.

The best part of all of this was the influx of “i’d smack you” messages I received after posting the final score. The only person who can talk down to me at this point is Davis and that’s because he needs to get an Xbox 1 so we can settle this debate once again….

All in all, can’t wait for my case of beer and POUND of By The Wayside Coffee. Easiest bet ever.

Anyone else want to challenge me to anything?

Open call for benchers at this point.

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