You’re Chuck E. Cheese not Pasqually’s Pizza and Wings

Look, the coronavirus pandemic has made people do some crazy things.

People are walking out to their mailbox in their boxers, they are getting shit-faced on a Tuesday afternoon (this isn’t college anymore guys come on) and apparently some restaurant are trying to reinvent themselves.

On Tuesday morning, Mikey from the Mikey and Bob radio show in Pittsburgh outed a local Pasqaully’s Pizza and Wings.

20 McIntyre Square Dr. in Pittsburgh, Pa is in fact a Chuck E. Cheese.

Do you remember this place from your childhood. It was kinda like a Dave & Busters but for kids. You could walk around and play games, win tickets/prizes, and big out on some pizza. Oh, and there was that creepy rat that used to just walk around the place. Dude gave me the heeby, jeebys.

All of that is besides the point though. The fact that Chuck E. Cheese’s is trying to rebrand themselves as a separate restaurant with no mention that they are actually Chuck E. Cheese’s is mind-boggling. I mean I don’t know about you, but I dont remember their food being that good.

Actually it was probably sub-par at best. Who knows what’s happening over there just wanted to keep the public informed because that’s what we do here at Thoughts From The Bench.

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