A Sports watching solution?

I have solved the problem of fans watching sports inside stadiums during the Coronavirus pandemic.

I mean really, hear me out.

I mean even Barack is on my side, so listen up. Okay, here we go. Earlier today, Dennis Hughes, our resident soccer writer, wrote an article about the Bundesliga soccer league in Germany returning to play in May.

As a part of this return, the teams would be playing in empty stadiums with only players, coaches, medical staff, and media personnel in the stadium. But one team has gotten creative.

As a part of their “Stay At Home, Be In The Stands,” the German club Borussia Monchengladbach is filling it’s empty stadium with cardboard cutouts of fans and fans are able to buy personalized cutouts for £16.50.

Which brings me to my idea. With all of the technology have at our fingertips these days, even this may be difficult, but I figured it’s worth a try right? What if each of these cardboard devices had a live camera feed hooked into it, so it was like the fan was watching directly from your regular seat.

I mean can you imagine that? You have your same seat, your right next to your boys cheering on your favorite team, but you never have to leave your couch and you don’t have to pay outrageous amounts of money for each beer you drink.

Now I might just be thinking way outside the box here, but I think this is possibly doable.

You can say thank you later, just out here saving the sports world and stuff. Have a good day.

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