My Weird Quarantine Setlist

In this time of quarantine, I’ve been able to get to listen to music a lot more than the average person. In doing so I have made a list of 10 songs that you should definitely check out during the pandemic. Overall I enjoy all of these songs and I hope you think they are good too! These are the songs of my weird quarantine setlist.

1.) Citrus Skies (feat. Angela Hunte) – Tunnel Vision

I’ve listened to this ska band on multiple occasions, but I really didn’t start getting into this song mostly until I was locked in my own house. It gives you the feeling of being in a warm place with a drink in your hand and just enjoying life. The difference between this song and most ska songs is the fact that this song is very acoustically driven and the ska being mostly in the background. Feeling down one day? Put this in and escape to a better way of thinking.

2.) Knuckles – Moose Blood

Moose Blood is another band that I fell in love with over one song, but a lot of their tracks are very well written. The song I am talking about of course is “Knuckles”. A track of just expressing love to someone, but they don’t know it and you just wanting to tell them. Obstacles get in the way and now all you are left with are the thoughts of love for someone you won’t get. It’s powerful, emotional, and such a big reason why I love this song. Check it out for yourselves.

3.) Mindreader – A Day To Remember

Now you all know from my previous A Day To Remember article, I wasn’t very highly sold on what the new album has brought us so far with its singles. However, Mindreader was one that caught my attention due to the interesting guitar formats, good storytelling in the form of their lyrics, and the overall good vibes I get from this track. It’s one that I have warmed up to a lot since my first listen through it. If you aren’t into the heavier side of this group, then you should enjoy this track a lot.

4.) Myron – Lil Uzi Vert

When the first part of his album Eternal Atake dropped, let’s just say that I was highly disappointed. This changed when the second part dropped and a lot of great songs came out that I still continue to listen to like Bean (Kobe), Moon Relate, and Yessirskiii. However, the best track I took off this album that I listen to all the time is Myron. I just love the way this track is very in your face and the build for it is amazing. The flow and beat to it are incredible as well. I encourage you all to this one at once. It just seems like something that would be on one of the earlier projects he did.

5.) Scary Mask (feat. Fever 333) – Poppy

Now I know what you are thinking here. “Austin what the hell is this? Why do you have Poppy on this list”? I get it man. She’s a weird one, but her track Scary Mask with Fever 333 might be one of the weirdest, but most amazing things I have ever heard. The song along drags you down a twisted road of crazy genre crossing movements, and by the end you’re left thinking; Wow! It’s such an interesting and complex track and I continue to get joy out of listening to it. It’s not for everybody, but I hope you all can see the beauty of it.

6.) shibuya (feat. San Holo) – Covet

Covet was a band that I had talked about before with the ten bands you should listen to. Like I said before, this band is great and the odd thing about this group is that it is all instrumental. That’s right. No vocals. You have the best opportunity to listen to the actual music in their songs and teaming up with San Holo only made this song better. Check it out and get lost in the music because you won’t be disappointed.

7.) Sick and Tired (feat. MGK and Travis Barker) – Iann Dior

This one was such a good song man. I had not listened to a lot of Iann Dior’s music before, but man I am hooked now. The song features MGK and Travis Barker to plug along in this greatly mashup of both rap and pop punk genres. The video basically gives you the hint of being “sick and tired” of being indoors because of the Coronavirus, and I love the way these two go back and forth with the lyrics on this track. Great vibes and having Travis Barker in there only makes me appreciate the song even more.

8.) Sight – Wolf and Bear

Wolf and Bear is a really great band if you already enjoy Dance Gavin Dance and the weird creative genius that is the post-hardcore genre. One song that always sticks out to me though was one of their first tracks; Sight. You get those very small show feelings from the video and the overall guitar work mixed with the lyrics of both the cleans from Marcus Cisneros and the screams from Tyler Watt make this song amazing to listen to. If you haven’t heard of these guys please give them a look. They are amazing!

9.) Three Wishes – Dance Gavin Dance

This song was a breath of fresh air from the band’s more heavy style. Some would say it feels very free and clean. Clean is the right choice because the video itself are their fans interpreting the word clean in their own ways. It was a very creative thing to do and I loved every part of it. The song was beautifully done with amazing guitar and drum work, and the vocals once again by Tillian and Jon were just a pleasant thing to listen to. Even though I didn’t make the video, this was still an incredible thing for my ears to hear and for my eyes to see in this crisis.

10.) When You Know – Neck Deep

I’ll be honest here. I wasn’t the biggest fan of Neck Deep to begin with, but getting older I have indulged in a lot of their music. This one like the Dance Gavin Dance video was done by their fans interpreting the lyrics of the song. I love the creativity of this. The song itself is a great little song to listen to if you have been down in the dumps and need a pick-me-up. I loved it and continue to listen to it while this quarantine is going on. You should listen to it too as your ears will love the music and your eyes will enjoy the cuteness and creativity of the music video.

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