Bud Light – Until We Meet Again

Look, every sports fan in the world right now feels lost. There is no need to drone on about how its the best time of the year for sports yadda yadda. 

And just as I was starting to come to grips with the fact that NHL Playoffs may be canceled, Major League Baseball may not throw a pitch, and I will not attend one Riverhounds game this season Bud Fucking Light drops this commercial.

Are you kidding me? Thanks a lot, Bud Light, I know that Highmark Stadium is empty, I know the kegs of Golden Hound are going stale. I know that another year of Sidney Crosby’s career is wasted with no playoffs. I know that the Cubs core roster just got another year older.

I did not need you to reinforce that with one of my favorite artists of all time soulfully singing his heart out. As you show a myriad of empty arenas.

I famously had just come onto the Budwiser bandwagon after their Superbowl commercials with Post Malone. In fact this week on Idiot Hour I was drinking Bud Lights’ newest product their hard seltzer.

Well, Budweiser you can consider my fandom officially canceled. Thanks for making me cry like a team that just lost the Stanley Cup on a random Wednesday.

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