NCAA Shuts Down Clemson QB Trevor Lawrence's GoFundMe for Coronavirus Victims

At a time in the world where the NCAA LITERALLY HAD NO WAY TO PISS ME OFF, they did it. This was the one time that the NCAA could just sit back and not screw up. They literally just had to do nothing. The tournament was cancelled and they just had to sit tight, but nooooooo.

Just to be clear, this story was first reported by Matt Connolly below.

If you live under a bridge, Trevor Lawrence isn’t just the second coming of Sunshine from Remember the Titans.

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He’s a complete stud of a Natty team at Clemson who basically solidified himself as one of the best QB prospects to come out of the college game. The kid is a G on and off the field, once again proving his amazing ways by starting a GoFundMe page for victims of the COVID-19 situation.

T-Law and his girlfriend Marissa Mowry, a soccer player at Anderson University, literally sat down and said “What can we do with your fame to help the world?” and the NCAA SHUT IT DOWN!

They started the page on Monday afternoon and were shut down quickly, only allowing the page to gather a little over 2.5k. They aren’t allowed to use their name, image or likeness to HELP THE WORLD OUT.

Think about that. The NCAA is so overprotective about capturing and obtaiing the literal birth name and human face of the college games stars that they will gladly and happily shut down a page used to raise funds. The reason is was shut down? Because people were donating because of Trevor’s likeness…how insane and sick is that?

The money raised will go to the Meals on Wheels foundation, which yes, is an awesome figure that really will help some people.

Here is the video from Marissa Mowry’s Instagram Page.

I understand the “Rules is Rules” crowd when it comes to players making money at the college level, but this is just absurd. In a time that the world needs support now more than ever, this is a huge black eye for the NCAA as a whole.

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