The NHL Returns to NBC Sports

A world without sports is just plain wrong. Recently we have had sports taken away from us as well as changes to our daily lives. Throughout the craziness in the world, NBC Sports has decided to help those in quarantine by celebrating Hockey Week In America. NBCSN will feature 12 hours of hockey programming from March 23rd – March 26th from 3pm-3am. Each day will focus on a different theme reliving top games and top moments from the past decade, hopefully giving hockey fans the fix they need.

The theme nights wills include Game 7 OT Thrillers, Notable Playoff Rivalries, NHL Outdoor Games, Stanley Cup Clinching Games, Notable Playoff Performances, Crosby-Ovechkin Playoff Showdowns, Game 7 OT Thrillers. For a full list of coverage click here.

I am most excited for Game 7 OT Thrillers. There’s nothing more exciting than a game 7 in playoff hockey. Both teams battling like there’s no tomorrow, putting everything on the line each and every shift. The best part about rewatching the broadcast is, if your favorite team is playing you can always change the channel since you know how this one ends (cough cough, leafs fans).

I am also very excited to watch the Sidney Crosby vs Alex Ovechkin Playoff Showdowns. Two of the best players in the world competing for a chance to dance with Lord Stanley has and will always be entertaining. Not only do these players put on a clinic with their talents, but their teams battle each other in true NHL playoff fashion. Memorable matchups include the “dueling hat tricks” between both stars in game 2 of the 2009 second round. As well as OT clinching series wins in games 6 of the 2016 and 2018 second rounds, which lead to their teams moving on and winning the Stanley Cup during those runs.

Nobody really knows how long this all will last, but a life without sports is just not acceptable. The people need something to keep them going, and Hockey Week presented by NBCSN is a terrific effort to help keep hockey fans entertained during this tough time. I recommend everyone tune into some of the action to relive those glorious moments, and help ease our minds, until the NHL season and playoffs return.

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