P.J. Walker signs with the Panthers and now I'm confused

SPORTS NEWS GUYS, REAL ACTUAL SPORTS NEWS! If you have been a fan of the XFL (which, why wouldn’t you ve) you absolutely know the name of former Indinapolis Colts QB P.J. Walker.

Walker, a former Temple starter, for his rise in the XFL thanks to one Mr. Andrew Luck. Luck told his dad Oliver Luck, the CEO of the XFL, that he had to take a chance on his former locker room buddy.

Walker was successful at Temple, throwing for 10k+ yards in four seasons and a quality 129.1 TD/INT rate.

Walker had a great XFL career forming before the halt of all sports happened, proving that he potentially deserved a second shot in the NFL after a small stint with the Colts.

Honestly, I LOVE Walker being in the NFL. He deserves another shot, especially with the current movement of QB’s we’ve seen. My only question is, why Carolina?

Carolina still has not moved on from former M.V.P. Cam Newton, although cutting him seems to be more of a possibility with each passing day. The Panthers recently signed Teddy Bridgewater to a starting deal so the assumption is that he will enter the season the obvious starter.

Behind those two are Kyle Allen, the Panthers starter last year who held his own but didn’t wow the world and West Virginia’s own Will Grier who didn’t really recieve a time to shine last year.

Walker did play college ball for Rhule in Temple, so the instant assumption is that the connection was strongh enough to draw the XFL. It does bring the question, what happens to Kyle Allen in a world where every single quarterback is being moved?

Honestly, I believe the Panthers cut Newton and go into the pre-season with four quarterbacks in some way, especially considering how cheap Allen and Grier both are at the current moment.

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