WOW, the Buffalo Bills could win the AFC East

Okay, so if the Coronavirus aka COVID-19 aka the Joffery Baratheon of diseases (I mean camon this is all really annoying) cancels the NFL season, I’m gonna be really upset, mainly for one reason.


Okay, let me explain. First off, even though it’s not directly Buffalo Bills related, Tom Brady announced on his Instagram this morning that he won’t be returning to the New England Patriots and it came in two separate posts, I mean camon, who does that.

Good Riddance, we don’t have to get killed by you twice a year anymore. HALLELUJAH. REJOICE.

Also, if this isn’t a sign that the Coronavirus is ending soon, I don’t know what it. But the Buffalo Bills AFC East Title window is WIDE OPEN because not only is Tom Brady gone, but Brandon Beane absolutely killed the game yesterday and #BillsMafia should be ecstatic!

They should be indoors, cracking brews, jumping through tables, and demolishing everything in sight because this season – if the Coronavirus doesn’t kill it – should be one for the history books.

Now, let me explain. Yesterday, before everyone decided to crawl in bed and reset for the next day of at-home quarantine, Mr. Beane went out and signed former Saints LB AJ Klein to a 3-yr, $18 million contract.

Like Thad said, he’s got experience with McDermott from his time in Carolina and he’s coming off a year in which he tallied 69 tackles 2.5 sacks and an interception. He’s a guy that can just be there, he can be reliable.

From what I know, he played mostly in the middle for the Saints. So, with Edmunds in the middle, we might see him play on the outside a little, opposite of Milano and fill in the hole that Lorenzo Alexander left because he’s versatile and he could definitely move around.

OKAY, now here is the BIG news from yesterday. After we all decided to crawl into our beds last night, Brandon Beane decided to pull off a trade that we as Bills fans needed.


Just like that, the Bills get the No. 1 Wide Receiver that they’ve needed and I honestly don’t think they gave up too much for him. Rumors were they were going to go WR in the 1st round anyway, so mine as well get a proven guy who’s under contract control for the next four years.

AND the 5th and 6th round picks were received from basically trading two players who were going to be cut anyway last season. So I think Beane made out like a BANDIT here and I can’t wait to see this offense in action.

The Bills also signed defensive end Mario Addison last night. A former Carolina Panther who has had at least 9 sacks in the past four seasons and had 11 in 2017. He’s another guy who’s played under McDermott and understands the culture that the Bills are trying to build.

The Bills made some BIG moves last night and they are ready to open their contending window WIDE OPEN for the upcoming season.

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