Ranking My Most Popular Sodas

We’ve all been there. You are tired and thirsty and you want a drink to satisfy your thirst and wake you up. Enter Soda with its many flavors and brands to keep the consumer happy. One of my more sillier rankings comes to us this Thursday as I attempt to rank every popular soda we know and love. Notice how I said soda and not pop you heavens. Well let’s get to work.

15.) Diet Pepsi

The low man on the totem pole comes to us in the form of Diet Pepsi. The aspartame filled concoction has little to no flavor with fake sugar that is actually worse than drinking a regular Pepsi. Not my favorite and by far the least appetizing soda I look for to drink.

14.) Sierra Mist

We come to another Pepsi produced soda in Sierra Mist. As a kid I always thought this was the rear end of lemon lime sodas because to me it just didn’t have any flavor to it. It just felt like you were drinking straight carbonation with a little bit of flavor. Definitely my worst of the lemon lime sodas and near last on the list.

13.) Mug Root Beer

Mug Root Beer comes next on the list for a similar reason. It has a great feel when you drink it, but then when you start actually putting it down, you’ll realize it doesn’t have a lot of flavor to it. It is actually quite a boring soda which is quite upsetting to me because I like really good root beer.

12.) Sunkist

This one was a tough one for me considering I loved this drink when I was a kid, but now that I am looking at it, it just doesn’t appeal to me as an adult drinking it. It has so much sugar that gives me anxiety drinking it. The taste also kind of fades way when you get into it which makes me sadly put this one year the bottom.

11.) Pepsi

I’m not a big Pepsi guy to begin with, but when you break it down, there is really nothing exciting about it. it honestly just feels a bad version of Coke. It does has a good crisp taste, but other than that it isn’t doing anything for me. Sorry to all the Pepsi fans in advance for your mass hysteria.

10.) Mtn Dew

All of the gamers are officially angry with me, but honestly it’s a pretty weird but decent soda. I can firmly say that I don’t go out of my way to drink a Mtn Dew anymore. The taste to me just feels forced down our throats with too much caffeine and sugar. Whn I was a kid, I would literally throw temper tantrums to get this soda, but now I’m not much of a fan. Sorry.

9.) 7-Up

Crisp and Clean: No Caffeine. This was the slogan to a great soda I will happily drink now as an adult and when I was a child. Taking second place among lemon lime sodas is not a bad thing especially when this soda was designed to help you burp out all the bad stuff in your body. it almost made you feel go after it which is why it goes here.

8.) Cherry Coke

As much as I love Cherry flavored sodas, Cherry Coke probably doesn’t do much for me. Honestly Wild Cherry Pepsi actually tastes better than this one. A lot of people might disagree with this selection, but this is just what I believe when it comes to Cherry Coke.

7.) Diet Coke

Still not the greatest product of Diet drinks, but Diet Coke somehow does a lot better than a lot of the normal sodas on this ranking. Nothing personal against those sodas, but for some reason Diet Coke has the ability to taste like regular Coke. It is some weird sciencey and magical way that this happens and for that reason alone it earns a higher spot on this rank.

6.) Canada Dry: Ginger Ale

Ginger Ale is so good man because it almost feels like a healthy drink with a little fizz to it. Every time I would get a stomach ache or a fever I would drink Ginger Ale and just remember feeling so much better. Overall, the ginger taste is incredible with a great fizz to it and it’s good for you. Just a great combination.

5.) Fanta (Original)

The true best orange soda comes to us at the number five position with the original Fanta. This is by far the most crisp taste of good orange flavor I have ever had in a can. The original by far has the best tasting flavor of a soda I have had in a long time and with no caffeine you’d figure it wouldn’t have kind of a kick to it, but the orange citrus explosion takes care of that.

4.) Barq’s Root Beer

The true king of root beer comes to us in a can developed by Barq’s. Just by looking at this can, you can tell this is going to have a great old timey root beer taste to it. Think of a root beer hard candy your grandfather had with some fizz and in liquid form. This honestly puts Mugs and A&W to shame and should be noted as the greatest root beer soda on the planet. Anybody that thinks different should take a hike.

3.) Sprite

The best lemon lime soda man. This was actually my first soda I have ever tried. I remember it was the greatest thing since my parents never let me have it until I was like 13. Sprite sits right with me and my taste buds. The perfect blend of lemon and lime in a can with the most crisp feeling you get ehwn it hits your lips. It is overall bliss and worthy of being in the top three.

2.) Coca Cola

Most would expect this to be number and why wouldn’t it be man? It has great taste, immense flavor, and is honestly the Titan when it comes to the soda industry. It is the McDonalds while Pepsi is the Burger King. So why the runner up spot then? There is nothing wrong with it. I just like something better…

1.) Dr. Pepper

That’s right guys Dr. Pepper is my all time favorite soda of all time. The uniqueness in its taste with the 23 different flavors makes it not only the best soda of all time, but one of the most mysterious and different sodas to come by. In today’s market people are looking for a good kind of different and this is it. The bubbly and fizzy experience was one to remember by and ever since then it has been my go-to soda to drink.

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