James Dolan Sucks.

As if we already didn’t know this. He’s the lone reason why the New York Knicks cannot escape the basement of the NBA year after year. It’s extremely laughable watching him run this franchise into the ground in every single facet possible for a professional sports franchise except their overall value. Every year, they struggle to lure big-name free agents to play in the storied Madison Square Garden and he’s the main cause. 

There are so many chapters written year after year regarding the bar being lowered, but this new situation takes the cake.

Two days ago, Knicks legendary (and really lone wolf) superfan Spike Lee was stopped by security for walking through the employee entrance to get to his courtside seat. This is the same entrance he’s been walking through for decades might I add. He’s spent millions of dollars on his courtside seats, supporting this trash basketball team, and this is how they repay him. In response to this harassment, Spike Lee will no longer be courtside in MSG for the rest of the season.

Congrats James Dolan, you managed to cause yet another rift thus alienating fans and the Knicks. As if there weren’t enough problems to deal with this basketball team, he goes and pisses off the only loyal and consistent part of the Knicks (outside of losing of course). You’d think this man would have learned his lesson because of the Charles Oakley situation.

This man is beyond tone-deaf. If I were a Knicks fan, I’d legitimately boycott games after this. This man does not care about anyone but himself and somehow, someway continues to make it about him. This franchise won’t change unless it comes from the top. I’m not sure how that happens because Dolan isn’t selling. Sadly, this is just another day in the consistently terrible soap opera that is the New York Knicks. 

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