XFL Recap Week 03

Well shit, this league might actually make it. Fan attendance is up! The games are actually starting to become watchable and Quinton Flowers proved why he should be a starting QB for the Vipers.

Let’s break down each game. 

If you watched Two Beers Deep last week, you can see that I went 3 for 4 in predictions. The games themselves though went very different then I expected.

Dallas Renegades defeat the Seattle Dragons.

As I sat down for dinner with my friends on Saturday night, the TV at the bar had this game on. Seattle was up at the half time and Dallas seemed unable to get anything going.

I turned to Cornhole Team Captain Tom Dube and said if Seattle wins I will shit.

Dallas eventually got their offense to not turn the ball over to end a drive and managed to take back the game.

However, if you are a Dragon’s fan you like the effort of the first half. Seattle has to take on the Battlehawks next week. I doubt that their offense will be able to compete with St. Louis’ defense, but stranger things have happened in this league.

LA Wildcats vs DC Defenders

Come on man! Like, come on! Just leave DC alone. Every team should have laid down the week they played DC. They needed to be undefeated. They needed to bring the weekly parties to Mardi Gras levels. But no! LA had to ruin that for everyone. Thanks a lot, Wildcats. Not only did they beat DC they dismantled them.

LA finally found their quarterback as Josh Johnson threw for 278 yards, 3 TD’s and no interceptions. That is a great performance by XFL standards. If this is the key to unlock LA’s team then watch out. 

I guess you can chalk this up to DC’s first road game not going splendidly. But at the same time you just wonder. Were the first two weeks just moxie and adrenalin, or does that team have the horses to pull the wagon through the playoffs?

New York Guardians vs St. Louis Battlehawks.

Another W for the Battlehawks, and another strong performance separating themselves from the lower light of Tampa, Seattle, New York, and LA. Jordan Ta’amu continues to put in a steady performance at quarterback. 

The true story in St. Louis is their defense, three more sacks this week and keeping the New York offense right around two hundred yards of total offense. If this defense holds up they can find themselves at the top of the heap by the end of the season.

Houston Roughnecks vs Tampa Bay Vipers

Slowly every week the Vipers continue to incorporate Quinton Flowers into the offense. This week he scored a rushing touchdown and went 4 for 6 for 51 yards through the air. Eventually Houston took over the game because PJ Walker is an animal. 306 passing yards for three touchdowns and he ran one in for good measure.

But if you are a Vipers fan, you finally see life in your team. And when they play a wounded DC team next week maybe just maybe they pull off the upset.

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