Lonnie Chisenhall Retires

Today, the Pirates family lost one of their own. Pittsburgh Pirates legend Lonnie Chisenhall retired from Major League Baseball today at the early age of 31 after an 8 year career. 

His career started in in the Cleveland Indians organization and he had a solid showing out that way. He will be most notably known for the work he did while dawning the Pittsburgh Pirates uniform. 

“I’ve played 29 games in 2 years” citing reasons as to why he’s retiring. If you can’t tell by now how sarcastic I am about this news then shame on you.

He played 0 games at the big league level for the Pirates in 2019. ZERO! If anything, he should be cited as a hero in successfully stealing 2.75 million dollars from Bob Nutting’s pocket.

Way to walk off in the sunset Lonnie Baseball! 

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