That Piece of Metal

From TFTB’s biggest baseball guy, I really have only expressed my opinions on the Astro’s cheating scandal through Two Beers Deep. Honestly, this one single comment made me write a blog. Imagine the commissioner of a professional sport actually demeaning your trophy as a “Piece of Metal.” What a jackass.

This guy, who we all thought initially did a good job with this scandal, is a complete joke. A complete and utter shame to a sport that I don’t even know why I care this much about right now. Honestly, this anger might come from a place of love for Greg…not likely, but possible.

I still can’t believe that the Astros players got immunity for speaking to the league about the trial. Are you kidding me? If you can sit there and logically try to explain to me that the Astros players had no choice but to go along and were the victims of this situation, I am in fact a bigger baseball fan than you, and I forgot this past year that tha Rays were still a team.

The reason the piece of metal comment is so absolutely disgusting to me is because that’s the only reason these guys play. Yes, the love of the game, the money, the Derek Jeter roster of Ex-Girlfriends and the free food at *insert local restaurant with fake signatures on the wall here* but none of them mean as much as winning a championship in your sport.

In my opinion the Astros should ABSOLUTELY be stripped of their championship. The common reply back to this is that it hasn’t happened in pro sports before…to which I would say this exact situation has never really happened before. Altuve should also be stripped of his MVP. Say what you want about the season he had, but there’s just no chance that this didn’t impact that team to the highest degree.

You can say the Patriots, but they were never caught to this level. Also, the league never really took this powerful of a stance against the Patriots as a whole. In a sport that still makes managers wear clothing made for 25 year old shortstops, we all can say this has to be the most outrageous moment in the modern era of sports.

Man…that piece of metal. The man who gives out the trophy to the winners didn’t want to strip the Astros because it’s just a piece of metal. I wouldn’t just bean the Astros players every time they get to the plate, I would throw one ball directly at Manfred even if he’s in a box on the upper deck. What a joke.

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