Star Wars Battlefront II is Now A Great Video Game

Video games are amazing to play right? Whether it is a first person shooter or an adventure role play style everyone has their own type of video games they like to play. Today, I am going to be talking up the once not so great, but now fantastic Star Wars Battlefront II. So grab your blaster or lightsaber (which ever you prefer) and let’s use the force to dive on in.

Not So Humble Beginnings

The Dreaded Micro Transactions

At the beginning when it was released in 2017, Battlefront II was highly looked upon to be a huge followup to Battlefront in 2015. What people got was a game was riddled with micro transactions that essentially made you spend a butt load of money to get lots of perks in the game. The gaming world was shocked when people were putting hundreds of dollars into the game in order to gain some type of advantage through the purchase of loot crates. These crates contained cards that boosted the abilities and ranks of certain troopers, droids, jedi, and sith alike.

Unsatisfied Story Mode

The first Battlefront left some criticism as to why there wasn’t a single player story mode in it. Fans were granted a double edge sword when they were given one in Battlefront II. The story tells of Iden Versio and the Inferno Squad unit for the empire… for like three or four chapters. *Spoiler alert* then you turn good and serve the rebellion in a quest to stop the empire. The whole point that people wanted to play the story was to be the bad guy, but instead we were swindled into thinking this.

Major Improvements

No More Micro Transacations

While Wall Street might not like, EA realized they were losing money and losing buyers quickly because of the micro transaction process. Thinking smartly, they took it off allowing players to level up and boost their production through actual gameplay which made players like me very happy.

Capital Supremacy and The Clone Wars

While it has been updated for quite some time, I was very happy with the notion to add certain heroes, villains, troopers and droids from the Clone Wars in this game. The Clone Wars was a hugely popular section of Star Wars and not adding these things was in my mind criminal.

For instance, EA decided to add heroes Anakin Skywalker and Obi Wan Kenobi to the mix while also throwing in villains Count Dooku and General Greivous in as well. Having these huge players alone in the game was fantastic as these heroes and villains are even better than the original ones depending on how you play.

EA also decided to add two new playable characters in the game known as Infiltrators. They are the Clone Arc Trooper and The Commando Droid. They also added two new enforcer classes; The Clone Commando and The Droideka. These four characters are amazing to play with and have their own special abilities to keep enemies on their toes.

The biggest update that saw game sales shoot through the roof in my opinion was the added game mode of Capital Supremacy. I could explain all of it, but that would be a lot of words to type so here it is in its simplest form.

Celebration Edition

Another huge improvement in my mind was sending out a Celebration edition of the game. For about just about twenty dollars (I believe) you can get all of the latest updates including two new playable characters for both the Resistance and the First Order and all of the Rise of Skywalker info that comes with it.

Plus, all costumes are now yours to use including the Clones and Droids. If you are a true Star Wars fans like me then you know just how important those are.

Overall, this game has gone from one of the most annoying and frustrating games to now one of the best games that gamers like myself play all the time. All of these updates were needed and now the game is better than it has ever been. So what are you waiting for? Go play now and find out for yourself.

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