Red Sox and Alex Cora mutually part ways amid sign-stealing scandal

This was honestly the last thing I wanted to write this morning, but here goes nothing.

Amidst the handing down of a harsh penalty from Major League Baseball for the sign-stealing scandal that took place with the Houston Astros in 2017 and amidst the investigation into the Red Sox for 2018, Alex Cora and the Boston Red Sox have mutually agreed to part ways.

While, as a Red Sox fan, I would’ve liked to see what Cora’s actual punishment was before making this move, the organization obviously knows something that we don’t. His punishment was rumored to be big, maybe even harsher than Hinch’s and Luhnow’s in Houston.

For those of you that don’t know, Major League Baseball released a 9-page statement earlier this week and Cora was named 11 times in the document. He was seen as the mastermind of the Astros sign-stealing process.

Rumors are he then brought it to the Red Sox, although it may have not been to the extent of what was put in place in Houston.

So, this move is instantly seen as a proactive move and it gives new Baseball Chief Officer Chaim Bloom an opportunity to bring in his own coach. Man, it’s been one hell of a start for this guy. He’s gotta find someone to replace Dave Dombrowski, he had to manage the Mookie Betts situation, now he has to find a new Manager.

There are a few guys that have been rumored to be on the early list of possible managers and one sticks out more than the rest for me.


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