Crosby and Malkin shine in Sid’s Return

Last night the best player in the world returned to the lineup of the NHL’s hottest team and the results were stupendous.

The Penguins dominated every aspect of the game, squashing the Minnesota Wild, 7 – 3. The offensive masterpiece was led by Captain Sidney Crosby, and the man made of fire, Evgeni Malkin.

Geno finished the night with two goals and an assist. The goals were pretty, but nothing really beats this assist.

In fact, Bryan Rust, the recipient of the pass, turned to science fiction as a possible explanation for Malkin’s ability to find Rust and deliver a jaw-dropping a pass.

Not to be outdone Crosby put on a skill display of his own. Late in the third using the back of the net to create his own give and go to escape the check of a defenseman.

If Bryan Rust used Sci-Fi to explain Geno’s pass this play defies all logic.

At the end of the night, Minnesota is really bad. When you’re one of the best teams in the league you should beat really bad teams. The key takeaway from this is Crosby looking like he hasn’t missed a step. He looked fresh, inspired, and ready to make up for lost time. 

With Crosby’s return, we got a glimpse of what we can expect from the Malkin and Rust line moving forward. Which to be fair .

It is the same thing they have been doing all season. The only scary part is with Crosby back, the matchup for Geno and Rusty has become more favorable and therefore worse for the other team.

Penguins die-hards will tell you it’s still early, but with a sparkle in their eye and a smile tugging at the corner of their mouth. They know what the result is when the Two-Headed Monster is playing like this. 

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