Which Potential Super Bowl Matchup Do You Want?

After another weekend of NFL playoff madness, we only have four teams and three games left in the 2019-20 season.

With the Patriots and Ravens being eliminated, I am no longer rooting against teams. I am rooting for fun football and entertainment.

These are the things I want in Super Bowl LIV: storylines, offense, intriguing matchups, and Shakira. Only one of these wishes are guaranteed, but these potential matchups open the door for a lot of possibilities.

Which matchup is best? Let’s go through the options, worst to first:

(4) Titans vs Packers

Whether it is against the Niners or Pack, the main headline if Tennessee makes the big game is without a doubt the future of Mike Vrabel’s business…

Just picture it now…the Titans are bringing out the victory formation. The camera goes to the sideline. We don’t see a gatorade shower. We see the most conflicted person on earth…elated, but terrified.

The big storyline in this one would be Packers coach Matt LeFleur. Last year, he was the Offensive Coordinator for the Titans. And now he is facing them.

As much as I love watching the boulder named Derrick Henry run, I don’t want to see Tannehill in the big game. Thanks for knocking out my nemeses, Titans. Now let’s reel it in a bit.

(3) Titans vs 49ers

If I had to see the Titans in the Super Bowl, I’d want it to be against the 49ers over the Packers.

In an era where it’s all about passing, this game would be decided by the run attack. The best running back in the game against Kyle Shanahan and his insanely creative running scheme.

This game would feature the least intriguing QB matchup since Trent Dilfer and Kerry Collins dueled in Super Bowl XXXV.

(2) Chiefs vs Packers

Speaking of Super Bowl QB matchups, this one would feature arguably the best since Drew Brees battled Peyton (also in Miami).

This game would be a rematch of Super Bowl I. Also, this matchup features Andy Reid trying to win his first Lombardi against the franchise he came into the NFL with.

With both Mahomes and Rodgers being frequent stars in State Farm ads, this game will be dubbed the State Farm Bowl. Man…would I love to be on the State Farm marketing team planning that Super Bowl commercial.

These two teams duked it out earlier this year in a thriller. And that was even with Mahomes not playing due to injury.

We’d see a lot of throws like this:

I think the majority of America (and entirety of State Farm) wants this game. But I am not there yet. The Packers got to 13-3 riding a favorable schedule and haven’t provided consistent firepower on offense to match the improved defense. Don’t forget this team got smacked by the Chargers and 49ers and had to come back from 17-3 deficit to beat the hapless Lions in week 17.

Regardless, this would be a great game. But I don’t see the Packers putting up enough offensive explosion compared to the other NFC team…

(1) Chiefs vs 49ers

This will be an amazing one. Look at the matchups at play in this game.

The most explosive offense that can score at will against one of the brightest offensive minds in the game. Nick Bosa and the 49ers fierce pass rush making Mahomes run for his life. Richard Sherman going up against speedster Tyreek Hill. Two of the top TEs in the game.

I can see this game looking a lot like the 49ers Saints 48-46 shootout. No lead would be safe and it would come down to the wire.

As far as who wins, that’s a different story. I will take anybody but 49ers as a San Fran win would also put them at 6 Super Bowls with the Steelers and Patriots.


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