Mutiny Returns Victorious

In the long-awaited return of Mutiny Inline, the team found itself victorious with a 10-2 win over Buck Hockey. Goaltender Tyler Hazenstab made his Mutiny debut in between the pipes and was nothing less than spectacular after giving up the game’s first goal on a flukey bounce. Mutiny did not let the early goal bother them, as they powered back and poured on the goals leading to the 10-2 victory.

Captain Eric Galentine, Tyler Russell, Pat Clarke, and TFTB’s own Ryan Martire led the way with 2 goals apiece. Ryan Vojtash and Brandon Erskine each had a goal of their own. Brandon’s goal was the final goal of the game, which led to the Mercy Rule late in the third period.

Coach Tim Yun was impressed with his team’s season opener.

“I was proud of the boys for the way they played tonight. After a long time off, it’s tough to get back in the groove of things.”

Coach Yun introduced a new strategy to the world of adult league inline. Instead of putting out the same lineup every game, Yun lets his players select their positions prior to the game. You may ask yourself what’s so great about this? Well, the players are randomly selecting their positions one by one. In fact, a player may not know if they are playing offense or defense until a few mins before the game.

Yun stated “I’ve always believed to be successful in hockey you have to play a two-way game. By randomly selecting your position before the game, a player is required to work on both their offensive and defensive skills making them a versatile player, which in the end makes your team that much better.”  

Tim Yun’s coaching strategy

Yun’s strategy was successful in game one, we will see if the winning streak continues. Mutiny’s next game is next Thursday, Jan 16th, against the Dangle Berries. All games are played at the RMU Island Sports Center, and admission is FREE!

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