Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order Game Review

Since the original Star Wars Battlefront II came out for Playstation 2 and Xbox in 2005, hardcore gamers and Star Wars fans alike have been craving the universal journey we would have. Sadly, EA had poorly delivered with renditions of Battlefront I and II for Xbox and PS4. Then I stumbled along this one; Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order. EA finally got the right amount of success with this one so let’s get into my overall thoughts on this game and what I loved about it.

A Unique Story


Most of what drives Star Wars fans are the looks back to nostalgia from the movies we loved and craved. However, this game takes a whole new approach with brand new characters. The story takes place five years after Episode III: Revenge of the Sith and before Episode IV: A New Hope.

You play as Cal Kestis; a Jedi Padawan forced into hiding from the execution of Order 66. Through certain acts you are forced out of hiding from the Empire and the Inquisitors; a new breed of “force sensitives” who were trained by Darth Vader to hunt down any remaining Jedi after Order 66.

You eventually meet up with Cere; a former Jedi turned mercenary and Greez; the pilot of the Mantis ship you will be traveling on. The story and plot were a big reason I purchased and played this game as they added an unknown dynamic to the story.

The Gameplay


This game, while unique, incorporates different elements from past video games and is more than just a lightsaber combat game. It’s a strategy building, puzzle solving and yes lightsaber survival game. Almost everything you can find in the learning based style of this game.

From learning different force abilities to improving your strikes, health and your droid, this game has multiple options for you to incorporate your sense of style.

I will say that I played on the maximum difficulty for this so in order to be good at this game you have to parry a lot. Parrying for those that don’t know is essentially countering the opponents moves by timing it exactly right. If you don’t parry well then this game will be challenging for you.

Lightsaber Customization


This is what players have been craving for. A chance to create their own lightsaber. Throughout the game you could collect parts and colors to craft your own masterpiece to crush the empire with. You better believe I suited up with Mace Windu purple. Not only do you get to customize your lightsaber, but you also get the…

Double Bladed Lightsaber


If you ever wanted to be a Jedi version of Darth Maul you have an opportunity to do so in this game. Though I’ll let you experience the thrill of finding it yourself. I won’t spoil it, but I will say this. Having this upgrade is incredible and I used the double bladed lightsaber so much more than the normal one in this game.

Final Thoughts


Overall, the game was well challenged to you as a player. The stormertoopers knew how to aim and actually hit you (finally), the bosses were fun and at times difficult to beat and the game just had that fresh vibe that I think Star Wars fans were looking for. EA managed to get it right this time so if I had to rank this game out of ten, I would rank it a 9/10. This was fun, creative and gave new breath to a wonderful franchise.

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