WWE Royal Rumble 2020 Prediction: The Last Man In

In case you didn’t know WWE’s Royal Rumble is this Sunday. The classic Battle Royal match consists of 30 wrestlers, and is quite entertaining. You may see new faces making their WWE debuts, as well as old faces returning to action.  Wrestling fans dream of seeing their favorite stars in the Rumble, and there’s always rumors about who will be returning. Over the past years many fans have believed CM Punk would make his return to the WWE. This year is no different. (TFTB’s own Josh Elsass expressed his thoughts on the rumble in his article, “CM Punk Returns”.)

I for one agree with Elsass, that a CM Punk return would blow the roof off of the place, and quite frankly this could be the year.. I am looking forward to it! However, if I had to pick someone to be my #30 in the Royal Rumble I would pick….

Someone who is as fierce and as creepy as the fiend.

Someone who is popular and gets the crowd going like the Miz. Someone who is loyal to what they believe in like John Cena.

Someone who is as strong as Roman Reigns, and can throw a punch as good as Brock Lesnar. So who would i pick?

Well, just imagine the lights go out and you see this face.

Of course, my choice is Gritty! I know Gritty has never wrestled in his life before, but as we have learned recently the guy can throw a mean punch. 

Gritty’s got the size, determination, and charismatic personality to be successful in the WWE. Plus being from Philly, we know the guy is a dirty brawler who will do whatever it takes to be on top in the end. Here’s to hoping the WWE gets this year’s #30 right.

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