CM Punk Returns

Look in my eyes what do you see? The return of the century!

The Royal Rumble was the beginning of the end for CM Punk’s run in WWE. He was forcefully removed by Kane after suffering a serious concussion in the match. He quit the very next night. 

He left, he left this poor young fan confused and worried where his favorite wrestler went.

That was 2014. Then five years later he returned, kinda. As an analyst for Fox. The return was pitiful. Not the reception that someone of his importance deserves. But I believe his “return” was more of Punk tipping his toe in the water.

He wanted to see if things had truly changed. Had his absence actually made the impact he had hoped? Turns out it kind of did. But more importantly it made him the most desired man in wrestling. 

So now that he is back in the pool, is this not the time to return? Is this not the chance for him to reclaim what was rightfully his all along. A Royal Rumble victory to set him on course to the Main Event of WrestleMania?

Well sure Josh this all seems great but he has no active storyline, and most of his old rivals are gone.

That’s true, but there is one person well two people really that Punk has a built-in history with.

Punk’s built-in history with Paul Heyman and Brock Lesnar goes back to Summer Slam 2013. This match was EPIC! 

Plus Punk was very vocal about Lesnar in his time away from WWE. Saying he is a “Part-Timer” and doesn’t care about the product just his money. Additionally with Lesnar entering the Rumble its only added drama if Punk were to eliminate him. Then choose to face him at Mania.

You would also imagine that Vince would be comfortable having the two of them be the guys headlining Mania. Their names are big enough and have enough pull outside of wrestling to get eyes on the product. 

Look I know this is a long shot, but just breathe for a moment before you turn into this duck in the comments section.

What could be better than the Voice of the Voiceless returning to free the WWE Championship to form the grasp of the fan’s number one enemy?

Not much.

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