Steelers Might Play in London in 2020

I’ve always found it interesting once the rumors start to swirl about a team outside of the United States partaking in the National Football League. Some obvious candidates would be Canada (despite the CFL), Mexico (which has had recent success with games in Mexico City) and of course, England.

The NFL’s international series, started in 2017, has made a big push to bridge the gap between the American sport and the outside world and has proven to do so successfully through the London Games which started in 2006 and the Mexico Games which officially started in 2016 despite having a one off game in 2006.

Once again I will display why I tell every NFL fan to follow the @MySportsUpdate twitter account as they had this tweet sent out just minutes ago.

The Jaguars have always been the favorite to be moved to London especially with their owner being a total business badass and owning shares in Fulham F.C. and AEW wrestling. Shahid Khan is a great sports owner mainly because the billionaire status and ability to gather the needed assets whenever needed. I’m sure he has some dark story I’m unaware of from a simple google search and knowing the name but from an outsider’s perspective I can’t think of another owner who would take the leap to London.

The Jags have officially made it clear that they are embracing the London culture and will play two home games back-to-back at Wembley this year. Check out this excerpt from when the Jag’s official became the face of the London series.

In October 2012, it was announced that the Jaguars would host the San Francisco 49ers and the Minnesota Vikings would host the Pittsburgh Steelers, marking the first season with multiple games in London. (Wikipedia)

In an attempt to piece all of my sources together, here are the official 2020 opponents for the Steelers.

Yes folks, that means that THIS MAY BE THE YEAR that the black and gold head to London for an NFL game! I’m geeked, mainly because now the importance of waking up even EARLIER on a sunday and cracking a cold one has a purpose beyond fantasy and general love for the game.

If you will remember the Steelers did play a London game back in 2013 losing to the Vikings 34-27. No one is quite sure what this Steelers team will look like at the beginning of next season, so I love the fact that we get to be a part of an impactful tradition like the London Games.

The only question is, who wants to sponsor me to fly over? Anyone have Mark Cuban’s number?

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