Shanahan Does It Again

History has repeated itself and I’m honestly shocked to the core. Normally, when things screw up the first time most people are able to learn from their mistakes and finally grab the brass ring. Kyle Shanahan did not do such a thing.

Yet again, when he was on the grandest stage of them, he just flat out blew it.

I really thought after the last time against New England at Super Bowl LI that Shanahan would get it right this time. You know the one where the Falcons were up 28-3 and the Patriots came back to win 34-28. In case you needed a refresher as to what happened;

Everyone thought he was going to right the wrong from that awful embarrassment, but sadly he did it again after being told he deserved coach of the year. He doesn’t deserve anything but criticism as he and the 49ers were up 20-10 going into the fourth quarter…and then they gave up 21 straight points to lose the game 31-20.

Don’t blame Jimmy Garoppolo.

You can blame the defense for their struggles if you want, but the majority of the blame needs to fall on Kyle Shanahan as he decided to play conservatively yet again. You can’t play that way against high powered offenses like New England or Kansas City.

It’s nothing but disappointing as I believed Shanahan deserved coach of the year just as much as he deserved this Super Bowl redemption win. Sadly, the job just couldn’t get done yet again. Is he the real reason he lost this game? I believe so. See what others had to say about the Super Bowl and Kyle Shanahan.

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