List of 2020 NBA All-Star Starters Announced

Beyond the Arc

by Ben Fiore

It’s already almost that time again, the All Star Starters have been officially announced for this season.

If you’ve paid any attention to the NBA this year, these all should make sense. Here are the starting 5 for both the East and West;

Trae Young, Pascal Siakam and Luka Doncic being the notable first timers here are both having phenomenal seasons. Especially Luka while on his MVP campaign.

We also get to see some familiar faces here and of course for the SIXTEENTH time, this list is started off with LeBron James.

I am surprisingly on board with every single selection to both teams. I’m sure my opinion will change once the rest of the rosters are posted, but until then I’ll be happy with what we have so far. Well deserved to everyone selected all around.

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