Jake Guentzel out 4-6 Months

On the heels of what should be a joyous All-Star nod, Penguins F Jake Geuntzel is out 4-6 months after undergoing shoulder surgery this week. Jake had just scored his team leading 20th goal in a 5-1 win against the Senators, only to be tripped up and come crashing into the boards.

This is just heartbreaking man. His first ever all star nod, he’s thriving with with number of injuries the Pens have had recently, and BOOM.

THIS IS WHY WE CANT HAVE NICE THINGS GUYS. We finally get Sid the line mate he’s been wanting….NAY….NEEDING for years, and then we FINALLY get to see Jake thrive on his own and boom…injury.

Geuntzel leads the Pens this season with 43 points and has been a major contributing factor to their survival in the playoff run with star Sidney Crosby out.

Obviously this means Jake will miss the All Star game on January 25th, which means hopefully Andrei Svechnikov gets the all star nod with his lacross style abilities.

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