Head Coaching Carousel

WHAT A MORNING. SHOOOOO. Every team that didn’t make the playoffs is either planning for the draft today or deciding to keep or kill their coach. For me personally, it’s a day of logic for a ton of these franchises, mainly because they need to move on from the same old names we always hear. Not all coaches will be fired or hired today, but I do want to walk through the big names and discuss the situations.

Adam Gase – Retains Job with the Jets

I actually agree with Adam Gase staying as the Jets head coach. The team was supposed to be a “contendor” this year, and with injuries and a solid case of Mono to their star Quarterback, the season actually ended on a high note. I think they have a lot to figure out with the Lev Bell situation, but theyre building one hell of a division between the Dolphins promising season and the Bills playoff push, and despite Gase being a pile of poo in Miami, the Jets may have something with the weirdo.

Pat Shurmur FIRED from the Giants

I agree with this firing, no questions about it. You have something very promising with the Giants young core in Shepard, Engram, Slayton, Jones and Barkley. You NEED to find a coach who is going to make the most of this talent now, especially on the defensive side of the ball. If the Giants can retain Leonard Williams, I like this team a lot moving forward…just not with Shurmur thank God.

Ron Rivera going to Washington

Sep 22, 2019; Glendale, AZ, USA; Carolina Panthers head coach Ron Rivera looks on during the first half against the Arizona Cardinals at State Farm Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

RIVERBOAT RON! I am SO happy this dude (is expected) is going to be the next head coach for the Washington Redskins. Ron Rivera is a very good coach, and the only reason he was out for the Panthers (IMO) was because of the lack of Cam Newton on this team. On the Redskins side of the ball, they have a very promising offense with Haskins, Terry and Guice. Their defense has potential with a young core as their front seven, and should have a nice pick this year (maybe even Chase Young).

Feddie Kitchens FIRED from Cleveland

Remember when Cleveland won the Super Bowl this summer? Me neither. Freddie Kitchens was an inside guy and was hired way too over his head, bringing the end to a solid 2018 hype train. This year was terrible all around, but the play calling was just pathetic in Cleveland. My pick for Cleveland’s new head coach would be Eric Bieniemy, the OC for the Chiefs. He’s a Dorsey guy and a coach who knows how to use talent. But hey, Cleveland’s done stupider shit. Bring back Jeff Fisher!

I would be surprised if Jason Garrett walks away from his noon meeting with the Cowboys without being fired. That team was just too good to be this bad. I believe the Chargers decision on Anthony Lynn rides on their decision on Rivers, who is slated to be a free agent this off season.

All I’ll say to end this is Mike McCarthy will be an NFL head coach, I beleve Josh McDaniels will leave the Patriots this year. Eric Bieniemy will be a head coach. And honestly, Greg might be right that Kellen Moore is a head coach…for the Cowboys.

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