THE Ohio State Buckeyes will beat Clemson

With less than 24 hours to go, I am so sick of hearing, “Clemson this” and “Clemson that” on the FAKE NEWS ESPN.

The way ESPN has been talking about it, you would expect that Clemson was playing a team of the caliber of UNC (oh, forgot, they almost lost to them earlier this year.)

All year, all you could hear was how great this Ohio State team was, and rightfully so. They had a historic regular season, and two players in Chase Young and Justin Fields on the Heisman podium.

Ohio State also became the first team in College Football history to beat three top 15 ranked teams in a row, beating Penn State, annihilating Michigan in the Big House, and coming back from a major first half deficit against Wisconsin in the Big 10 Title Game.

This Ohio State team is a once in a generation talent team, on both sides of the ball. They have a historically dominant offense and defense, with a +470 point differential in an actual conference, whereas Clemson who has been “dominating” opponents all season only has a point differential of +467 against the likes of the mighty UNC, Wofford, Charlotte, SYRACUSE, and the engineering department at Wake Forest.

Ohio State will beat Clemson tomorrow, and honestly, I would be shocked if it is even close. The Ohio State secondary is laden with first round draft picks, you have the best player in college football on the defensive line for the Buckeyes, and an unstoppable duo of Justin Fields and JK Dobbins.


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