JuJu, a Duck, and a Whole Lotta Sadness

I’ll start this Steelers blog off with this….who would have thought we would be playing meaningful football into week 17 after the first three weeks of the season? I mean really, this might be a copout, but can we just appreciate the fact that somehow, someway this team is actually fighting for a playoff spot?

Now that were past that, the shit show we put out yesterday against the Jets was just sad. Our O-line couldn’t stop the rush, we seemed to blitz on every play, that interception was absolutely an interception, and just so many more little things that went wrong.

We learned that Edmunds (again) just isn’t it. The Robby Anderson grab was insane, but man as the over top safety you just cant have that happen, right?

We learned that when healthy, James Conner is a great back…..but he just is NEVER healthy.

We learned that (if we didn’t already know) we have something in James Washington and Diontae Johnson, even if we don’t really know what we have with Juju anymore.

We learned (again, we knew this) that we are in very, very safe hands with this defense for the rest of time. Minkah is amazing, Watt is DPOY and they’ll only get better.

We also learned that we don’t have a quarterback of the future. In the craze that is Duck, people misunderstood the love of a cult hero. No one thought that Duck was the next big Steelers QB….if you actually thought that, we should have a talk. I do think that he was the perfect filler for the problems we had early on and he specifically won us two games with his ability to toss and not turn the ball over, but once that aspect is gone, you just see a guy.

Mason came in and played well, but I do hope that his injury was actually something signicifcant, meaning that if he sat out on his last chance to prove he could be the guy because hw as just kind of hurt, thats a big flag. Neither of these guys is the future.

I’m also not quite sure what has happened to our O-Line. We went from a top 5 arguably best line in the league to just mediocre. I’m sure the loss of Munchak was a big hit, but I didn’t see this far of a decline. In that same breath, how many people are going to say Duck messed up that snap. Go back and watch that ball come out literally sideways. Sheesh.

I also can’t believe just how ineffective Juju was the entire game. He maybe drew bigger coverage than expected and was out for multiple games, but he hasn’t taken a step in the right direction once this year. I don’t like telling super athletic guys who make millions what to do, but you really have to catch that ball 10/10 times.

I don’t care if even Ben is in at QB. watching yesterdays highlights, this line couldn’t hold anything back. If we win against the Ravens, we need the Texans to beat the Titans. The Texans have already clinched their division, meaning they will be playing 0 name brand players for this matchup. Whoppie.

It at least feels good to be disappointed. I’m glad that this team made this season fun. We gathered a team of defensive Gods and a few weapons I can’t wait to see carry over to the future. Now, just get a QB of the future and I’ll be happy.

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