Threat Level Midnight – 5/5 Dekes

It FINALLY happened. It’s here. The single greatest spin off thing that has ever occured in sitcom history has FINALLY happened!

NBC’s The Office is largely known as one of the greatest shows of all time and if you don’t like it, you obviosuly have A) Never seen it or B) Just don’t enjoy liking popular things. Which is fine. My cousin Ian specifically seeks out popular things to hate, and that’s just okey dokey with me. Nerd.

Threat Level Midnight is an episode of the office where all the employees get to watch Michael Scott’s movie about a spy named Michael Scarn. In the show, this movie was an 11 year work in progress, showcasing different actors and characters throughout the series. I LOVE this episode, mainly because it’s one of those one off type of situations that creates a universe in a universe.

In an earlier episode, the employees of Dunder Mifflin find the script to Michael’s movie and do a table read, but you never quite hear about the movie much after. In the actual episode “Threat Level Midnight”, we get a glimpse of certain scenes, but the movie itself is more intertwined with the story so we miss crucial parts.

If you are an Office fan…..the day has finally come. Man, the scenes we didn’t get were electric and really do tie the story together. We finally get to hear all of Goldenface’s backstory, learn just how Michael Scarn seduces Jasmine Windsong, find out that ANGELA HAS A LINE ABOUT A CHOOCHOO SEX TRAIN, and so much more!

Excuse me while I watch for a third time this morning…

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