Moorhead’s NFL Power Rankings – Week 15


Cincinnati Bengals (1-12)

Previous Rank: 32


Why They Stayed The Same:

The Bengals took another loss last week and it was to the Browns. The defense showed some promise by not letting Baker Mayfield pass a single touchdown pass and they intercepted him twice. The points that came against dealt with offensive struggles and failing to stop the run. Make no mistake though, with Andy Dalton in the lineup, they have a better shot at winning then with Ryan Finley.

Key Players Last Week:

Joe Mixon (146 Rushing Yards, One Rushing TD, 40 Receiving Yards)

What’s Next?:

The New England Patriots

The Patriots have lost two in a row and have been playing like poo, but in my mind it will take a miracle for the Bengals to pull off this victory against them. Who knows with the NFL though, they always like to make things interested, but this one just seems unlikely in my honest opinion.


New York Giants (2-11)

Previous Rank: 31

New York Giants v Philadelphia Eagles

Why They Stayed The Same:

The Giants almost came away with a huge victory over the Philadelphia Eagles in overtime on Monday. Sadly, that blew up when Wentz threw his second touchdown pass of the night to end the Giants’ hope of winning their third game of the season. The crazy thing is here that Eli Manning played pretty damn well for being inactive since Week Two. Strange though for most of the season the team has relied on the passing game because of the ineffective usage of Saquon Barkley.

Key Players Last Week:

Eli Manning (203 Passing Yards, Two TD’s)

Darius Slayton (154 Receiving Yards, Two Receiving TD’s)

What’s Next?:

The Miami Dolphins

The Dolphins put up a stinker against the Jets last week settling for field goals. The Giants defense isn’t much better than the Jets so the Dolphins should have a better matchup, but if the Giants hope to win they need to get Barkley back into the action. Whether it is Eli or Jones this week, they should thrive on the pass attack, but the run game needs to be efficient.


Detroit Lions (3-9-1)

Previous Rank: 30


Why They Stayed The Same:

The Lions continue to take beatings as they took a loss to divisional rival Minnesota last week. Not only that, but now Marvin Jones lands on IR. That takes away a huge weapon for David Blough and this offense. Things just aren’t looking up for them with all the injuries they have suffered on the season.

Key Players Last Week:

Kenny Golladay (58 Receiving Yards, One Receiving TD)

What’s Next?:

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers

This one is going to have to be a defensive effort out of Detroit. They have to turnover the ball because of Wintson’s mistakes and the fact that he isn’t 100%. Blough needs to step up on offense with Scarbrough and Golladay. However, it is unlikely this happens.


Washington Redskins (3-10)

Previous Rank: 29


Why They Stayed The Same:

The Redskins did lose against the Packers, but they also managed to actually keep it a close game despite the odds stacked against them. While this team still does suck, they manage to stay where they were because of a decent game against a really good team.

Key Players Last Week:

Adrian Peterson (76 Rushing Yards, One Rushing TD)

Terry McLaurin (57 Receiving Yards, One Receiving TD)

What’s Next?:

The Philadelphia Eagles

The Redskins are down a running back in Derrius Guice so they need to emphasize the passing game. They might seem easy considering the Eagles have a weak defense, but it will all depend on how Dwayne Haskins executes the pass attack.


Miami Dolphins (3-10)

Previous Rank: 23


Why They Dropped:

The Dolphins came crashing back down to earth after failing to score a single touchdown against the Jets last week. In fact, all of their points came from kicker Jason Sanders. Fitzpatrick was very poor, but he did lead the Dolphins in rushing yards. Who knows anymore with the NFL man?

Key Players Last Week:

Isaiah Ford (92 Receiving Yards)

Jason Sanders (Seven Field Goals)

What’s Next?:

The New York Giants

The Dolphins have a game where they could potentially rebound when they face the New York Giants this weekend.Whether it will be Manning or Jones, the key will be to pressure the quarterback in order for them to make mistakes. They also have to make sure Saquon doesn’t go off in this game as well as making sure this break out wideout Darius Slayton is heavily covered.


Arizona Cardinals (3-9-1)

Previous Rank: 24


Why They Dropped:

The Cardinals took a hard loss at home against the Steelers which honestly didn’t even feel like a home game as there were more Steelers fans than Cardinals fans there. Regardless, Kyler Murray didn’t have his best game and he was absolutely demolished by the Steelers defense. The offense had some success, but the defense couldn’t help getting shredded by Duck Hodges.

Key Players Last Week:

Christian Kirk (85 Receiving Yards)

What’s Next?:

The Cleveland Browns

I am very interested to see how this game goes with Baker Mayfield going up against Kyler Murray. For the Cardinals though, in order to win this game they have to pressure Baker. He has a bit of a hand injury and we saw that favored the bengals last weekend picking him off twice. Also if they confuse the wide receivers you will confuse Baker. Make that happen Arizona. Kyler can’t also to afford making any mistakes.


Jacksonville Jaguars (4-9)

Previous Rank: 22

NFL: Los Angeles Chargers at Jacksonville Jaguars

Why They Dropped:

Honestly, this team just doesn’t look like they wanna play this year anymore. That is really sad given the talent they have around them. Maybe it is just the defense here because they let the Chargers walk all over them through the air and on the ground. To make matters worse D.J. Chark rolled his ankle and is day-day or week-week. Now Minshew is down a weapon and as much as he can fire some mustache momentum it seems this team has already thrown in the towel.

Key Players Last Week:


What’s Next?:

The Oakland Raiders

The Jaguars have an opportunity to do something here against the Raiders. Whether they show up on defense or not will be the deciding factor. With Josh Jacobs almost unlikely to play again they’ll rely on DeAndre Washington. The rush defense has to step up. If they do that then they have a chance at winning this game.


New York Jets (5-8)

Previous Rank: 28


Why They Moved Up:

Don’t get it twisted here. This team still isn’t good. The only reason they moved up was a controversial win over the Dolphins and because other teams are playing much poorer than they are right now.

Key Players Last Week:

Sam Darnold (270 Passing Yards, Two TD’s One INT)

Robby Anderson (116 Receiving Yards, One Receiving TD)

What’s Next?:

The Baltimore Ravens

Let’s just get this over with. The Jets will be crushed by the Ravens on Thursday night. Case closed.


Carolina Panthers (5-8)

Previous Rank: 20


Why They Dropped:

Carolina has become a mess lately and I largely believe it is due to a poor offensive line and defensive struggles. They also fired Ron Rivera and didn’t do his legacy any favors losing the first game without him to Atlanta.

Key Players Last Week:

Christian McCaffrey (53 Rushing Yards, 82 Receiving Yards)

What’s Next?:

The Seattle Seahawks

If you think they can beat Seattle after putting up a terrible performance against Atlanta then you are sadly mistaken. Kyle Allen continues to be sacked week in and week out. I just don’t see any hope for them.


Atlanta Falcons (5-8)

Previous Rank: 27


Why They Moved Up:

Straight case in point, the Falcons dominated the Panthers 40-20. Let it be known that Calvin Ridley was injured and placed on IR and Julio Jones did very little. The Falcons relied on the ground game with Freeman and yet Ryan still threw for over 300 yards and threw two touchdowns. Is Atlanta pulling it out in the end.

Key Players Last Week:

Matt Ryan (313 Passing Yards, Two TD’s)

Devonta Freeman (84 Rushing Yards, One Rushing TD)

Olamide Zaccheaus (93 Yard TD Reception)

Falcons Defense (Five Sacks, Two Interceptions, Three Fumble Forces, Two Fumble Recoveries)

What’s Next?:

The San Francisco 49ers

The Falcons played very well last week, but now they have a real task at hand against the 49ers who just beat the Saints last week. The Saints beat the Falcons. You get the picture. Who knows? Maybe this will be another shootout.


Los Angeles Chargers (5-8)

Previous Rank: 26

NFL: Los Angeles Chargers at Jacksonville Jaguars

Why They Moved Up:

Pure domination. That is the reason the Chargers flat out destroyed Jacksonville last weekend. The main reason; Austin Ekeler. I have been saying for how long to give this kid the ranks. It happened at the beginning of the season and he was phenomenal. I say trade Gordon and make him your number one back because he sure demolished this defense… oh and Philip Rivers played fantastic as well.

Key Players Last Week:

Philip Rivers (314 Passing Yards, Three TD’s)

Austin Ekeler (101 Rushing Yards, 112 Receiving Yards, One Receiving TD)

Melvin Gordon (55 Rushing Yards, One Rushing TD, 29 Receiving Yards)

What’s Next?:

The Minnesota Vikings

This one might prove to be a bit more challenging as the Vikings have a solid case to take a win away from the Chargers this week. However, despite this I still say the Chargers can get a win if Rivers avoids mistakes and for the Chargers to FEED EKELER THE DAMN BALL!


Denver Broncos (5-8)

Previous Rank: 25


Why They Moved Up:

Told you guys. Denver caught Houston slipping and they rode away with a huge victory. Drew Lock is undefeated as a starter in the NFL. Let that sink in. I said this kid was going to be the real deal and he is showing why he should be the starter going into next season. The defense played a big part as well though making Houston look like fools on both sides of the ball at times.

Key Players Last Week:

Drew Lock (309 Passing Yards, Three TD’s One INT)

Philip Lindsay (51 Rushing Yards, One Rushing TD)

Noah Fant (113 Receiving Yards, One Receiving TD)

Broncos Defense (Three Sacks, Two INT’s, One Forced Fumble, One Fumble Recovery, One Defensive TD)

What’s Next?:

The Kansas City Chiefs

This one has the making to be another upset if the Broncos can cash in on the poor run game from the Chiefs and Mahomes’ hand injury. Pressure is key and if Drew Lock can keep it on a roll they can snatch one from Kansas City.


Oakland Raiders (6-7)

Previous Rank: 16

NFL: Tennessee Titans at Oakland Raiders

Why They Moved Down:

The struggles of the Raiders continue as their star rookie running back looks to maybe be done for the season. Carr did decent work, but in the end the Titans offense was too much for the Raiders defense to stop because even though they had points, they were essentially blown out.

Key Players Last Week:

Derek Carr (263 Passing Yards, Two TD’s)

DeAndre Washington (53 Rushing Yards, One Rushing TD, 43 Receiving Yards)

Darren Waller (73 Receiving Yards)

What’s Next?:

The Jacksonville Jaguars

Whether Jacobs is healthy or not is not the concern here. The Raiders need to throw in Washington if he is not and they need to run the ball. Jacksonville is awful against the run and pass catch running backs. If Austin Ekeler showed us anything last week it is that this defense can’t guard running backs.


Philadelphia Eagles (6-7)

Previous Rank: 21


Why They Moved Up:

It wasn’t pretty, but the Eagles managed to defeat the Giants in overtime last Monday night. Wentz got off to a rocky start, but managed to find his tight end Zach Ertz for two touchdowns and seal the deal. I just wish the Eagles receivers were healthy because Wentz would do wonders in these last weeks with them.

Key Players Last Week:

Carson Wentz (325 Passing Yards, Two TD’s)

Zach Ertz (91 Receiving Yards, Two Receiving TD’s)

What’s Next?:

The Washington Redskins

This game looks perfect on paper, but so did the matchup against the Giants. The Redskins defense is a bit tougher, but they shouldn’t have to worry defensively as long as the front seven pressure Haskins from making any deep ball threats.


Tampa Bay Buccaneers (6-7)

Previous Rank: 19


Why They Moved Up:

Despite Winston turning the ball over too many times again in a game, they managed to come away with an impressive win over the Colts. It is to be seen that Winston suffered a broken thumb, but he does plan to play again this week and Mike Evans’ season is all but done for with an injury as well. Honestly, if Winston stopped turning the ball over then the Bucs would be fine.

Key Players Last Week:

Jameis Winston (456 Passing Yards, Four Passing TD’s Three INT’s, One Rushing TD)

Chris Godwin (91 Receiving Yards)

What’s Next?:

The Detroit Lions

The Bucs can get a win here against the Lions, but Winston needs to protect the ball. They can’t let David Blough get a single chance to do good against their defense. Protect the ball and play good defense.


Cleveland Browns (6-7)

Previous Rank: 18


Why They Moved Up:

The Browns won this one, but it wasn’t the greatest win. Baker threw two interceptions against one of the worst passing defenses in the NFL and it took the ground game a really long time to get the ball rolling. The pick six saved them in my eyes so now they move on, but it will be hard with rumors that Odell wants out of Cleveland.

Key Players Last Week:

Nick Chubb (106 Rushing Yards)

Jarvis Landry (76 Receiving Yards)

Browns Defense (Two Sacks, One INT, One Fumble Force, One Defensive TD)

What’s Next?:

The Arizona Cardinals

The Browns have to expose the defense of the Cardinals here Something tells me Murray will be dealing back some major points after getting embarrassed by the Steelers. So Baker bad hand and all will have to find a way to expose Arizona’s poor defense.


Indianapolis Colts (6-7)

Previous Rank: 15

NFL: Indianapolis Colts at Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Why They Dropped:

The Colts dropped a loss to the Bucs last weekend which is weird considering how this game turned out. Brissett played great, but he needed more passes to connect and instead that costed them the game along with their pass offense despite intercepting Winston three times.

Key Players Last Week:

Jacoby Brissett (251 Passing Yards, Two TD’s)

Marcus Johnson (105 Receiving Yards, One Receiving TD)

Colts Defense (One Sack, Three INT’s, One Fumble Force, One Fumble Recovery, One Defensive TD)

What’s Next?:

The New Orleans Saints

This one doesn’t look good for the Colts. If Brissett has any hopes of winning this game he has to play better in a way that his passes connect more for longer strides. However, the defense needs to step up against the likes of all star quarterback Drew Brees.


Dallas Cowboys (6-7)

Previous Rank: 14

Dallas Cowboys v Chicago Bears

Why They Dropped:

Personally, I believe they should have dropped lower than what they are, but in my mind they have more talent and ability then the teams listed below. That being said I predicted Dallas would lose and in fact the same way they lost to the Bills. I was correct. They scored early and let Chicago walk all over them letting Trubisky get four total touchdowns. This team is in trouble no matter what anyone else thinks.

Key Players Last Week:

Dak Prescott (334 Passing Yards, One TD)

Ezekiel Elliot (81 Rushing Yards, Two Rushing TD’s)

Michael Gallup (109 Receiving Yards)

Amari Cooper (83 Receiving Yards, One Receiving TD)

What’s Next?:

The Los Angeles Rams

Dallas might be able to pull off a victory if they get rid of the bad game script that has costed them so many games in the past. If they can do that and expose the defense while their defense frustrates Goff they will be fine.


Chicago Bears (7-6)

Previous Rank: 17

Dallas Cowboys v Chicago Bears

Why They Moved Up:

Speaking of the Bears, with their win over Dallas last Thursday night (which was the most watched Thursday night game this season by the way) they jump three spots in the rankings. Simply put Trubisky and the defense played incredible here and that’s why they did so well.

Key Players Last Week:

Mitch Trubisky (244 Passing Yards, Three Passing TD’s, 63 Rushing Yards, One Rushing TD)

Allen Robinson (48 Receiving Yards, Two Receiving TD’s)

What’s Next?:

The Green Bay Packers

The Packers and Bears finally get their rematch from Week One and hopefully it’s a lot better than that contest because that sucked. Trubisky needs to be mobile and get Montgomery and Cohen involved. The Packers can’t stop the run to save their lives. Plus a little Mack pressure should help in panicking Rodgers.


Los Angeles Rams (8-5)

Previous Rank: 13


Why They Stayed The Same:

While it is impressive that the Rams took down the Seahawks, I really don’t believe it was that well done. Aside from Gurley on the ground because he now looks like he is coming back to the way he used to be. Goff however, threw two touchdowns and two picks to a leaky Seattle defense which bugs me a little bit.

Key Players Last Week:

Jared Goff (293 Passing Yards, Two TD’s, Two INT’s)

Todd Gurley (79 Rushing Yards, One Rushing TD, 34 Receiving Yards)

Tyler Higbee (116 Receiving Yards)

What’s Next?:

The Dallas Cowboys

These two teams have had a very struggling year this season. However, if the Rams want to make a huge statement then they will stop Zeke on the run and neutralize all of Prescott’s weapons in the passing game.


Houston Texans (8-5)

Previous Rank: 8


Why They Dropped:

Watson didn’t have a bad game but he still threw one touchdown and two interceptions. He saved himself by rushing in for two scores, but overall aside from Watson and Hopkins no one else performed well. The defense also got shredded by Lock and the Broncos.

Key Players Last Week:

Deshaun Watson (292 Passing Yards, One Passing TD, Two INT’s, 44 Rushing Yards, Two Rushing TD’s)

DeAndre Hopkins (120 Receiving Yards, One Receiving TD)

What’s Next?:

The Tennessee Titans

The Titans have been on a huge roll since starting Tannehill and now if the defense of the Texans doesn’t lock it down it will be the end for them. Watson will also looked to not be pressured as much and to hang on and make plays.


Pittsburgh Steelers (8-5)

Previous Rank: 11

NFL: Pittsburgh Steelers at Arizona Cardinals

Why They Stayed The Same:

Despite winning on the road against the Cardinals, the Steelers only won by a touchdown. The Steelers offense really didn’t need to do much as most of their points relied on defense and special teams. Still they won and will look to next weekend

Key Players Last Week:

Dionte Johnson (60 Receiving Yards, One Receiving TD)

Steelers Defense (Five Sacks, Three INT’s, One Special Teams Touchdown)

What’s Next?:

The Buffalo Bills

The Bills are a formidable team so don’t expect a lot of leeway in this one. It will be tight and it will be nasty. Stopping Josh Allen is the prime goal here, but also finding ways to expose the Bills defense will be a challenge as well.


Tennessee Titans (8-5)

Previous Rank: 12

Tennessee Titans v Oakland Raiders

Why They Moved Up:

Time to start taking the Titans seriously I guess. The team has scored an average of about 38 points a game since week ten. They are the only real team I can see maybe knocking the Steelers out of the AFC Wild Card. Regardless they made mince meat of the Raiders defense scoring double the amount of points the Raiders scored.

Key Players Last Week:

Ryan Tannehill (391 Passing Yards, Three TD’s, One INT)

Derrick Henry (103 Rushing Yards, Two Rushing TD’s)

A.J. Brown (153 Receiving Yards, Two Receiving TD’s)

What’s Next?:

The Houston Texans

The Texans collide with the Titans this weekend which could decide if the Titans end up in the AFC Wild Card or not. Plus it depends on how the Steelers do against the Bills, but they could punch their ticket even easier with a win over the Texans who just gave up three touchdowns to Drew Lock.


Minnesota Vikings (9-4)

Previous Rank: 10


Why They Moved Up:

The Vikings did a really good job of covering the pitiful performance from the Detroit Lions. Kirky boy did a really decent job at keeping the ball under center and overall it was really simple assignment that I thought the Vikings handled quite well.

Key Players Last Week:

Kirk Cousins (242 Passing Yards, Two TD’s)

Dalvin Cook (62 Rushing Yards, One Rushing TD)

Stefon Diggs (92 Receiving Yards)

What’s Next?:

The Los Angeles Chargers

The Chargers came up with a big victory against the Jaguars. Now the Vikings will have to depend on the defense more than the offense in this one. They have to defend against the duo of Rivers and Ekeler and they operate their game plan. If they manage this game well they can pull off a big win against the Chargers.


Buffalo Bills (9-4)

Previous Rank: 6

NFL: Baltimore Ravens at Buffalo Bills

Why They Dropped:

The Bills had a really hard matchup against the Baltimore Ravens. To be fair they had them for a while, but the overall usage of the tight end and run schemes Baltimore employs just took too much out of the Bills in this one. Overall, the Bills didn’t play that bad, but it just wasn’t enough to do what they needed to do and no one really stuck out as a great player last weekend.

Key Players Last Week:


What’s Next?:

The Pittsburgh Steelers

The Bills have a tough road matchup against the Steelers at Heinz Field this Sunday night. I said this already, but this is going to be an epic match between two really good teams. It will depend on how Josh Allen operates and how well the defense wants to play. Those two aspects will decide this game.


Green Bay Packers (10-3)

Previous Rank: 7


Why They Stayed The Same:

It’s no secret that this wasn’t the best showing for Aaron Rodgers and Green Bay only barely beating the Redskins. I can probably say I don’t trust their production level or their ability to win in big situations. That’s why they stay the same.

Key Players Last Week:

Aaron Jones (134 Rushing Yards, One Rushing TD, 58 Receiving Yards)

What’s Next?:

The Chicago Bears

Will Aaron Rodgers crumble under the weight of the Chicago defense or will he finally get something going in this one. Week One’s matchup between the two teams started off the NFL season, but my god was it boring. Hopefully with a revitalized run game they will be happy to take down the Bears.


New England Patriots (10-3)

Previous Rank: 5


Why They Dropped:

The Pats took another loss, this time to the Kansas City Chiefs. It was a very frustrating one for Tom Brady as the Patriot veteran struggled to make anything of his lackluster offense in order to stop Kansas City. More or less I hate to say it because they are them, but the Patriots did get screwed on a couple of calls. Am I sad about it? Not one bit, but it happened.

Key Players Last Week:

Julian Edelman (95 Receiving Yards, One Receiving TD)

What’s Next?:

The Cincinnati Bengals

Well this was supposed to be an easy win, but with reports of spying going on at the Bengals game last weekend it means one thing; the Patriots are nervous. They are scraping by with the little weapons they have so this one will be interesting with the all outside instances.


Kansas City Chiefs (9-4)

Previous Rank: 9


Why They Moved Up:

The Chiefs finally got what they wanted. A rematch win against the Pats. Mahomes, even with a bad hand, prevailed against a stout Patriots defense. The Travis Kelce touchdown run was a thing of genius and no one saw it coming. The Kansas City Chiefs defense also stepped up in containing Brady and frustrating him.

Key Players Last Week:

Patrick Mahomes (283 Passing Yards, One TD, One INT)

Travis Kelce (66 Receiving Yards, One Rushing TD)

What’s Next?:

The Denver Broncos

The Chiefs need to understand their defense has to play another big role in stopping the Broncos. The Broncos defense is going to pressure Mahomes with his bad hand so they need to pressure Lock and stop the run combo of Lindsay and Freeman.


Seattle Seahawks (10-3)

Previous Rank: 3


Why They Dropped:

Seattle took a hard loss on the road against the Rams with the team doing something that they have done, but this time it wasn’t successful; relying on Russell Wilson. Wilson was extremely overwhelmed by the Rams defense. Whatever the case may be, the Seahawks have to look past this in order to stay in the race.

Key Players Last Week:

D.K. Metcalf (78 Receiving Yards)

What’s Next?:

The Carolina Panthers

The Panthers are a mess right now so the Seahawks need to erase this loss and get back on track. The Seahawks should be able to beat the Panthers if the offense can get rolling and if they stop Christian McCaffrey.


New Orleans Saints (10-3)

Previous Rank: 4

NFL: San Francisco 49ers at New Orleans Saints

Why They Moved Up:

The Saints might have lost last weekend to the 49ers, but they went out swinging in a classic battle of the Titans. Brees was near incredible with six total touchdowns on the day. He exposed the 49ers defense and for that alone with their effort, they move up a spot in the rankings.

Key Players Last Week:

Drew Brees (349 Passing Yards, Five Passing TD’s, One Rushing TD)

Michael Thomas (134 Receiving Yards, One Receiving TD)

What’s Next?:

The Indianapolis Colts

The Colts just took a loss to the Bucs last weekend. Expect the Saints to expose some more weaknesses along their team. If Jameis Winston can throw four touchdowns against them then expect Drew Brees to do just the same.


San Francisco 49ers (11-2)

Previous Rank: 2

NFL: San Francisco 49ers at New Orleans Saints

Why They Stayed The Same:

The 49ers and the Saints put up  the game of the year with this epic clash. The 49ers did come out on top with a last second field goal by Robbie Gould to win 48-45. Let it be known that this was an amazing game and Jimmy G did amazing. However, their were some cracks that were shown by the 49ers defense and they need to address those issues.

Key Players Last Week:

Jimmy Garoppolo (349 Passing Yards, Four TD’s One INT)

Raheem Mostert (69 Rushing Yards, One Rushing TD, 40 Receiving Yards, One Receiving TD)

Emmanuel Sanders (157 Receiving Yards, One Receiving TD, 35 Yard TD Pass)

What’s Next?:

The Atlanta Falcons

In order for the 49ers to come away with a win they can’t let this go to a shoot out like they did with the Saints. Matt Ryan will come out swinging so it will be a must to pressure him into making his mistakes he had been making all year.


Baltimore Ravens (11-2)

Previous Rank: 1


Why They Stayed The Same:

The Ravens are on top of the pecking order. They proved so once again by beating the Buffalo Bills last weekend on the road. Jackson might have rushed for his lowest total of the season, but they still pulled it out with a strong defensive effort and strategy. The question is who can stop them now?

Key Players Last Week:

Lamar Jackson (145 Passing Yards, Three TD’s, One INT)

Hayden Hurst (73 Receiving Yards, One Receiving TD)

What’s Next?:

The New York Jets

The Ravens and Jets tangle this Thursday night and if I were the Ravens knowing Jackson has a bit of a hip issue. Save your quarterback for down the road and don’t do anything stupid. The Ravens defense should be able to manage the Jets offense so they should not be worried here.

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