Moorhead’s NFL Power Rankings – Week 14


Cincinnati Bengals (1-11)

Previous Rank: 32


Why They Stayed The Same:

Although the Bengals won their first game of the season with Andy Dalton back under center, they have a lot of work to do still. Still getting their first win of the season is better than finishing as one of the infamous teams with an 0-16 record.

Key Players Last Week:

Andy Dalton (243 Passing Yards, One TD)

Joe Mixon (44 Rushing Yards, One Rushing TD, 26 Receiving Yards)

Tyler Boyd (59 Receiving Yards, One Receiving TD)

What’s Next?:

The Cleveland Browns

The Browns took a loss to the Steelers last weekend and Baker Mayfield suffered a minor hand injury. If the Bengals want to make a statement the defense needs to pressure Mayfield and cause him to slip up. At the same time, Dalton needs to expose the defensive issues from the Browns.


New York Giants (2-10)

Previous Rank: 31

NFL: Green Bay Packers at New York Giants

Why They Stayed The Same:

The Giants took another loss last weekend this time to the Green Bay Packers. It was an ugly one in snowy weather as Jones threw one touchdown and three interceptions on the day, Saquon Barkley couldn’t enough going on the ground and the defense was destroyed by Aaron Rodgers.

Key Players Last Week:

Saquon Barkley (83 Rushing Yards, 32 Receiving Yards)

Sterling Shepard (40 Receiving Yards, One Receiving TD)

What’s Next?:

The Philadelphia Eagles

The Eagles got flat out embarrassed by the Miami Dolphins last weekend. Expect them to come swinging back hard. The Giants have to expose the Eagles leaky secondary in order to come away with a win in what will be a shoot out in a divisional matchup.


Detroit Lions (3-8-1)

Previous Rank: 27


Why They Dropped:

The Lions looked like they had something going with their third string quarterback David Blough, but the defense quickly gave up major points when the times were tough. To make things worse their tight end Hockenson landed on IR after their matchup. The Lions will expect to ride Blough until they feel Stafford is healthy enough which doesn’t look promising given his injuries.

Key Players Last Week:

David Blough (280 Passing Yards, Two TD’s, One INT)

Bo Scarbrough (83 Rushing Yards)

Kenny Golladay (158 Receiving Yards, One Receiving TD)

What’s Next?:

The Minnesota Vikings

The Lions will have a difficult divisional matchup with the Vikings this weekend. They took a hard fought loss to the Bears on Thanksgiving and the Vikings also against the Seahawks on Monday. The Vikings should have an edge in this one with the Detroit defense not being the greatest.


Washington Redskins (3-9)

Previous Rank: 30

Washington Redskins v Carolina Panthers

Why They Moved Up:

Two wins in a row is always a good thing for a struggling team especially the Redskins when they picked up a huge win against the Carolina Panthers on the road. This was huge as it caused the Panthers to fire Ron Rivera mid season and now the Redskins established a huge two headed running attack with Peterson and Guice.

Key Players Last Week:

Derrius Guice (129 Rushing Yards, Two Rushing TD’s)

Adrian Peterson (99 Rushing Yards, One Rushing TD)

Redskins Defense (Seven Sacks, One INT, One Fumble Force, One Fumble Recovery)

What’s Next?:

The Green Bay Packers

The Washington Redskins have won two in a row, but they have a huge task at taking down the Green Bay Packers who laid waste to the New York Giants last weekend. If they are going to hope for success here they have to pressure Aaron Rodgers and run the ball. Haskins is not going to win them this game, but Guice and Peterson should if they keep rushing well.


New York Jets (4-8)

Previous Rank: 21

NFL: New York Jets at Cincinnati Bengals

Why They Dropped:

The Jets now have another loss under their belts to another winless team. The Bengals were not the favorites going into this game even with Andy Dalton, but they flat out dominated the Jets last weekend. New York has some serious issues now to work on with C.J. Mosley landing on IR and their offense having mishaps.

Key Players Last Week:

Robby Anderson (101 Receiving Yards)

What’s Next?:

The Miami Dolphins

The Dolphins got the better of the jets in their last bout and the way the Jets played against the Bengals does not give me hope going into their second encounter. Their defense needs to step up without Mosley or else Fitzpatrick and the creative efforts of coach Brian Flores will rain down upon New York once again.


Atlanta Falcons (4-8)

Previous Rank: 26

NFL: New Orleans Saints at Atlanta Falcons

Why They Dropped:

It was already a tough battle without top wideout Julio Jones so I am not too surprised the Falcons took the L in this contest. Matt Ryan did decent in terms of fantasy points, but he was ineffective once again in the actual realm of the NFL with two touchdowns, two interceptions and a fumble. Quinn’s job is surely in trouble here so they have to improve from here on out to save it.

Key Players Last Week:

Matt Ryan (312 Passing Yards, Two TD’s, Two INT’s)

Calvin Ridley (91 Receiving Yards)

What’s Next?:

The Carolina Panthers

The Falcons will most likely be back with Julio Jones this weekend and he has act for doing well against the Panthers. They will most likely get the ball to their star receiver. Matt Ryan will also need to play smarter football and stop turning over the ball especially to a team with a star running back in Christian McCaffrey.


Los Angeles Chargers (4-8)

Previous Rank: 24


Why They Dropped:

The Chargers managed to make a strong stand against their divisional rival; the Denver Broncos. Sadly they came up short in the last few moments of the game when a pass interference call gave the Broncos the field goal they needed to win the game. Rivers still made some questionable calls so with a losing record it might not be a bad idea if they turn to Tyrod Taylor soon.

Key Players Last Week:

Philip Rivers (265 Passing Yards, Two TD’s, One INT)

Melvin Gordon (99 Rushing Yards)

Mike Williams (117 Receiving Yards)

What’s Next?:

The Jacksonville Jaguars

The Chargers should be the favorites in this one going up against a Jacksonville squad that just benched Nick Foles for rookie Gardner Minshew. The key will be stopping the receivers through the air and stopping Fournette on the ground. If the defense does their job then the offense should sure do theirs.


Denver Broncos (4-8)

Previous Rank: 28


Why They Moved Up:

The Broncos pulled off a last second victory against the Chargers last weekend and it was a spectacular thing to see with Drew Lock under center. The kid did very well against a strong Chargers defense that normally fronts against the pass. Courtland Sutton also thrived with Lock under center. The run game and defense were probably the only things I’d improve on.

Key Players Last Week:

Drew Lock (134 Passing Yards, Two TD’s, One INT)

Courtland Sutton (74 Receiving Yards, Two Receiving TD’s)

What’s Next?:

The Houston Texans

Lock will certainly have a challenge this weekend when he goes up against the Houston Texans who completely took the Patriots by surprise with a win last Sunday night. Whether or not the Texans show up on defense will be the daunting task for Lock and the rest of the Broncos, but with that the Broncos defense has to show up as well and pressure Watson as much as they can.


Arizona Cardinals (3-8-1)

Previous Rank: 23


Why They Dropped:

The Cardinals put up their worst game of the year only putting up seven points against the Rams last weekend. The offense and defense got absolutely shredded with Murray making the only score on a rushing effort. Otherwise this is extremely disappointing for the Cardinals and their fans.

Key Players Last Week:

Kyler Murray (163 Passing Yards, One INT, 28 Rushing Yards, One Rushing TD)

What’s Next?:

The Pittsburgh Steelers

The Cardinals have to move past their poorly shaped divisional matchup with the Rams and focus on their next objective; The Pittsburgh Steelers. If they have any hope of succeeding, Murray needs to be mobile and avoid the defense which is easier said than done.


Miami Dolphins (3-9)

Previous Rank: 29


Why They Moved Up:

The Dolphins surprisingly put up a fantastic effort and took down the Philadelphia Eagles last weekend. Fitzpatrick played an amazing game and the special teams trickery by Brian Flores was outstanding. Overall it was an incredible situation that derived out of a seemingly disastrous Miami team.

Key Players Last Week:

Ryan Fitzpatrick (365 Passing Yards, Three TD’s, One INT)

DeVante Parker (159 Receiving Yards, Two Receiving TD’s)

What’s Next?:

The New York Jets

The Jets crapped the bed against an awful Bengals team and now they contend with the Miami Dolphins once again in a divisional rematch. However, I see this victory going to the Dolphins once again if Fitzpatrick balls out and Flores keeps coming up with interesting ways to win football games.


Jacksonville Jaguars (4-8)

Previous Rank: 20

NFL: Tennessee Titans at Jacksonville Jaguars

Why They Dropped:

Foles. Simple as that. Nick Foles committed three turnovers in the game and was benched for Gardner Minshew. While Minshew threw a touchdown pass he still committed an interception against the league’s worst pass defense. The Jaguars just couldn’t get anything going in this one and that’s simply sad. Hopefully with Minshew commanding the team for the rest of the year they will be better off.

Key Players Last Week:

Dede Westbrook (60 Receiving Yards, One Receiving TD)

What’s Next?:

The Los Angeles Chargers

The Jaguars need to make Philip Rivers nervous and screw him up enough to make mistakes. However, when they do that they need to expect Tyrod Taylor to play as well and he has a completely different style from Rivers. They will need to study up and be prepared for everything in this one.


Philadelphia Eagles (5-7)

Previous Rank: 19


Why They Dropped:

The Eagles got flat out embarrassed by the Miami Dolphins with a loss last weekend. It wasn’t really the offense’s fault as Fitzpatrick picked apart the defense one play at a time. However, this loss was a hard one as they completely imploded with so many unnecessary penalties as well.

Key Players Last Week:

Carson Wentz (310 Passing Yards, Three TD’s One INT)

Miles Sanders (83 Rushing Yards, 22 Receiving Yards, One Receiving TD)

Alshon Jeffery (137 Receiving Yards, One Receiving TD)

What’s Next:

The New York Giants

The Eagles should win this game no problem. They are angry over their humiliating loss to the Dolphins and now Wentz gets an awful pass defense in the Giants to work with. Expect him to come out swinging in a divisional victory this week.


Carolina Panthers (5-7)

Previous Rank: 18

Washington Redskins v Carolina Panthers

 Why They Dropped:

The Panthers took a really ugly loss to the Washington Redskins last weekend…at home. This is never a good sign and the front office made it known the following week by firing head coach Ron Rivera after nine seasons with the team. Overall the Panthers were bad in this game letting Peterson and Guice gash them on the ground and let the defense dominate Kyle Allen.

Key Players Last Week:

Kyle Allen (278 Passing Yards, Two TD’s, One INT)

D.J. Moore (75 Receiving Yards, One Receiving TD)

What’s Next?:

The Atlanta Falcons

The Falcons aren’t the same team anymore, but who knows what the identity of the Panthers will be come this weekend? Will they under use McCaffrey? Will Kyle Allen become a superstar? Find out next time on Dragon Ball Z.


Tampa Bay Buccaneers (5-7)

Previous Rank: 25

Why They Moved Up:

Wow the Bucs defense shined throughout this game essentially led by linebacker Devin White. For being the worst passing defense in the league the Bucs came out and surprised everybody with this big win with the offense helping out a little bit as well.

Key Players Last Week:

Peyton Barber (44 Rushing Yards, Two Rushing TD’s)

Buccaneers Defense (Five Sacks, Two INT’s, Three Fumble Forces, Two Fumble Recoveries, One Defensive TD)

What’s Next?:

The Indianapolis Colts

The Colts got beat by the Titans last weekend and now they contend with the Bucs this week. This Bucs team is so up and down that I’m really not sure who to pick in this one. They have to pressure Brissett and keep the defensive game rolling while also making sure Winston doesn’t turn the ball over.


Cleveland Browns (5-7)

Previous Rank: 17

Why They Dropped:

The Browns couldn’t hold the momentum of getting a fourth win in a row on the road in Pittsburgh so they drop a spot. Baker Mayfield injured his hand and the Cleveland defense couldn’t stop Duck Hodges in this one.

Key Players Last Week:

Kareem Hunt (46 Rushing Yards, 19 Receiving Yards, One Receiving TD)

What’s Next?:

The Cincinnati Bengals

The Browns may have lost this one, but they have a really good chance at winning this upcoming game against the Bengals. They may have beaten the Jets, but the Browns have better weapons and a better chance of winning this game as long as Mayfield’s hand is okay.


Chicago Bears (6-6)

Previous Rank: 22

Why They Moved Up:

The Bears fell early to a Lions team with a third string quarterback, but the offense managed to hold it together and score enough points to dig their way out of a hole. Trubisky played a great game and hopefully should be better for the rest of the season.

Key Players Last Week:

Mitch Trubisky (338 Passing Yards, Three TD’s, One INT)

David Montgomery (75 Rushing Yards, 12 Receiving Yards, One Receiving TD)

Anthony Miller (140 Receiving Yards)

Allen Robinson (86 Receiving Yards, One Receiving TD)

What’s Next?:

The Dallas Cowboys

The Cowboys are in bad shape after falling to the Bills on Thanksgiving. If it was ever time for the Bears to make a statement it is now. Trubisky needs to play good smart football and that defense has to stop Ezekiel Elliot.


Oakland Raiders (6-6)

Previous Rank: 12

Why They Dropped:

The Raiders only two weeks ago were considered an AFC Wild Card team. However, then they lost to the Jets and now got virtually crushed by the Chiefs. Carr has now thrown three interceptions in two weeks which is never a good sign.

Key Players Last Week:

Josh Jacobs (104 Rushing Yards)

Darren Waller (100 Receiving Yards)

What’s Next?:

The Tennessee Titans

The Titans are playing interesting football right now with Ryan Tannehill under center. The Raiders need to neutralize Derrick Henry in order to pick up the victory. Tannehill’s confidence in his running back is what allows him to have no fear to throw. Take that away and he should have problems.


Indianapolis Colts (6-6)

Previous Rank: 15

Why They Stayed The Same:

Even though this was an ugly loss for the Colts and it knocked them down a peg they are still a very good football team in my eyes. However, as painful as it is for Colts fans and management, Adam Vinateri has to retire. Brissett was also bad in this one considering there was no running game to compliment the pass.

Key Players Last Week:

Zach Pascal (109 Receiving Yards)

Jack Doyle (73 Receiving Yards, One Receiving TD)

What’s Next?:

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers

The Colts need to figure out their kicking situation as field goals might come into play against the Bucs. Despite Nick Foles being bad last weekend I’d assume that Brissett will get back on track and connect a lot with tight end Jack Doyle.


Dallas Cowboys (6-6)

Previous Rank: 11

Why They Dropped:

The Cowboys got outplayed and out coached on Thanksgiving. While Prescott didn’t play his best game I feel as if the defense let down the team letting Josh Allen and Devin Singletary dominate on the ground and through the air.

Key Players Last Week:

Dak Prescott (355 Passing Yards, Two TD’s, One INT)

Amari Cooper (85 Receiving Yards)

What’s Next?:

The Chicago Bears

The Cowboys are in a bind right now as they sit at 6-6 and now go up against another 6-6 team in the Bears. With the Eagles facing the Giants this week, the Cowboys need to win this game by using their key play makers.


Los Angeles Rams (7-5)

Previous Rank: 16

Why They Moved Up:

The Rams finally got a break against a pitiful Cardinals defense. Goff threw for over 400 yards and two touchdowns while Gurley did his thing and Woods’ usage can now be trusted in fantasy again. Also the defense proved up to the task of taking out Murray who did little to nothing in this game.

Key Players Last Week:

Jared Goff (424 Passing Yards, Two TD’s)

Todd Gurley (95 Rushing Yards, One Rushing TD)

Robert Woods (172 Receiving Yards)

Cooper Kupp (65 Receiving Yards, One Receiving TD)

Tyler Higbee (107 Receiving Yards, One Receiving TD)

Rams Defense (Six Sacks, One INT, One Defensive TD)

What’s Next?:

The Seattle Seahawks

The Rams proved they were the superior animal last weekend against the Cardinals and now they have another divisional bird to tangle with this week in the Seattle Seahawks. If they want to win they need to use their offensive weapons strategically against a sloppy secondary and pressure Russell Wilson.


Tennessee Titans (7-5)

Previous Rank: 13

Why They Moved Up:

The Titans are so confusing to me, but I will say that things are a lot clearer with Tannehill under center. The kid essentially will retain the quarterback job after the season ends forcing out Marcus Mariota. As for this game the pass game and the run game were very effective against the Colts.

Key Players Last Week:

Ryan Tannehill (182 Passing Yards, Two TD’s)

Derrick Henry (149 Rushing Yards, Two Rushing TD’s

What’s Next?:

The Oakland Raiders

The Titans have a decent shot at putting the Raiders out of the Wild Card race completely with a win over them this weekend. All they have to do is do what they have been doing and that is run with Derrick Henry for the majority of the game and then pass with Tannehill when needed.


Pittsburgh Steelers (7-5)

Previous Rank: 12

Why They Moved Up:

Quack Quack bitches!! The Steelers proved that while they might have or might not have started the problem, they sure finished it with a win at home over the Browns. Hodges did fantastic despite an interception and the defense played extraordinary as well!

Key Players Last Week:

Devlin Hodges (212 Passing Yards, One TD, One INT)

Benny Snell Jr. (63 Rushing Yards, One Rushing Touchdown)

James Washington (111 Receiving Yards, One TD)

Steelers Defense (Five Sacks, One INT, One Fumble Force, One Fumble Recovery)

What’s Next?:

The Arizona Cardinals

I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t nervous for this game. The Steelers have a knack for playing down to their competition and the Cardinals while not being the best they are certainly are a tricky and explosive group to deal with. Murray and Drake will need to be dealt with especially Fitzgerald and Kirk as well.


Minnesota Vikings (8-4)

Previous Rank: 8

Why They Dropped:

To the Vikings credit they actually put up a challenge despite losing star running back Dalvin Cook for the game and wide receiver Steffon Diggs for a large portion of it. Kirk didn’t play his best, but he was close and only seven points away from beating the Seahawks.

Key Players Last Week:

Kirk Cousins (276 Passing Yards, Two TD’s, One INT)

Lance Treadwell (58 Yard TD Reception)

What’s Next?:

The Detroit Lions

The Lions are in real trouble especially if Dalvin Cook recovers from his injuries and plays. Their defense plays like trash and Blough can’t be expected to bail them out against a strong Minnesota defense.


Kansas City Chiefs (9-3)

Previous Rank: 9

Why They Stayed The Same:

The Chiefs demolished the Raiders, but it wasn’t as impressive as other contests I had seen that day as Mahomes only threw for 175 yards and 90 of those went to the tight end Travis Kelce.

Key Players Last Week:

Patrick Mahomes (175 Passing Yards, One Passing TD, 25 Rushing Yards, One Rushing TD)

Travis Kelce (90 Receiving Yards)

What’s Next?:

The New England Patriots

The rematch I have long been waiting for is finally coming here with the Chiefs squaring off against the Patriots. In my mind both teams have taken a step back in production, but if the Chiefs expect to win they need to keep the ball away from Brady as long as possible.


Houston Texans (8-4)

Previous Rank: 10

Why They Moved Up:

The Texans move up two spots after knocking off the New England Patriots last weekend. Watson was stellar with his running backs and wide receivers and the defense was spectacular at defending Tom Brady.

Key Players Last Week:

Deshaun Watson (234 Passing Yards, Three TD’s, Six Yard TD Reception)

DeAndre Hopkins (64 Receiving Yards, Six Yard Passing TD)

What’s Next?:

The Denver Broncos

If Watson and the Texans play with the style and creativity they did against the Patriots then the Broncos and Drew Lock won’t stand a chance at winning.


Green Bay Packers (9-3)

Previous Rank: 7

Why They Stayed The Same:

The Packers were going to win this game so I’m not too keen on them moving up with Aaron Rodgers having a four touchdown performance in the snow. The defense did its job as well intercepting Jones three times in the contest.

Key Players Last Week:

Aaron Rodgers (243 Passing Yards, Four TD’s)

Allen Lazard (103 Receiving Yards, One Receiving TD)

Devante Adams (64 Receiving Yards, Two Receiving TD’s)

What’s Next?:

The Washington Redskins.

The Packers will win this game. Washington might have beaten Carolina, but they won’t beat Green Bay.


Buffalo Bills (9-3)

Previous Rank: 6

Why They Stayed The Same:

While I’m really excited the Bills beat the Cowboys with a disgruntled Cole Beasley on their squadron, other teams records are better and they have proved more. Just aside the top five is good for now.

Key Players Last Week:

Josh Allen (231 Passing Yards, One Passing TD, 43 Rushing Yards, One Rushing TD)

Devin Singletary (63 Rushing Yards, 38 Receiving Yards, One Receiving TD)

Cole Beasley (110 Receiving Yards, One Receiving TD)

John Brown (26 Receiving Yards, 28 Passing Yards, One Passing TD)

What’s Next?:

The Baltimore Ravens

Aside from the Patriots this will be the Bills toughest challenge yet as mobile quarterbacks collide in this one as Josh Allen takes on Lamar Jackson. In order to win Buffalo needs to run often with both Singletary and Allen and pass when needed.


New England Patriots (10-2)

Previous Rank: 3

Why They Dropped:

They dropped their second loss of the season to the Texans who’s pass defense was near the bottom of a sad list of names. The Texans shut down the Patriots early and they were forced to play catch-up with virtually no offensive weapons at disposal.

Key Players Last Week:

Tom Brady (326 Passing Yards, Three TD’s, One INT

James White (79 Rushing Yards, 98 Receiving Yards, Two Receiving TD’s)

Julian Edelman (106 Receiving Yards, One Receiving TD)

What’s Next?:

The Kansas City Chiefs

I’ve already covered how excited I am about this match, so I won’t go over it again. All I’m saying is that they need to run the ball against the Chiefs with their running back committee.


New Orleans Saints (10-2)

Previous Rank: 5

Why They Moved Up:

The Saints avenged their hard loss to the Falcons by incorporating a lot of trickery using Taysom Hill and special teams.

Key Players Last Week:

Drew Brees (184 Passing Yards, One TD)

Taysom Hill (33 Rushing Yards, One Rushing TD, 12 Receiving Yards, One Receiving TD)

Wil Lutz (Four Field Goals)

What’s Next?:

The San Francisco 49ers

This will be a huge challenge for Brees. He has to conqueror this crazy good 49ers defense. The Saints also have to put Jimmy G in his place in order to make a statement.


Seattle Seahawks (10-2)

Previous Rank: 4

Why They Moved Up:

They almost didn’t as they almost lost to the Minnesota Vikings nearing the end of this contest, but regardless they still played good football. The pass and run game were ecstatic with the defense playing alright as well.

Key Players Last Week:

Russell Wilson (240 Passing Yards, Two TD’s, One INT)

Chris Carson (102 Rushing Yards, One Rushing TD)

Rahaad Penny (74 Rushing Yards, One Rushing TD)

D.K. Metcalf (75 Receiving Yards, One Receiving TD)

What’s Next?:

The Los Angeles Rams

The Seahawks get the Rams once again this season. I’m pulling for the Hawks again even with the Rams picking up a big victory over the Cardinals last weekend.


San Francisco 49ers (10-2)

Previous Rank: 1

Why They Dropped:

They lost to the number two team and now become the number two team. Simple as that. I enjoyed this game very much.

Key Players Last Week:

Jimmy Garoppolo (165 Passing Yards, One TD)

Raheem Mostert (146 Rushing Yards, One Rushing TD)

What’s Next?:

The New Orleans Saints

This is gonna be a good one. In order for the 49ers to win this game, Jimmy is going to have to be a lot better and to keep the rotation of running a back going instead of just one rushing.


Baltimore Ravens (10-2)

Previous Rank: 2

Why They Moved Up:

They beat the 49ers who were the number one team and they were the number two team. They both have the same record so it seemed like a fair trade.

Key Players Last Week:

Lamar Jackson (105 Passing Yards, One Passing TD, 101 Rushing Yards, One Rushing TD)

Mark Andrews (50 Receiving Yards, One Receiving TD)

What’s Next?:

The Buffalo Bills

The Bills have been a formable Opponent in recent weeks and now the a Ravens get a chance to shut them down. The best way to do that is the Patriot approach of blitzing and destroying Josh Allen. They can figure out the rest of what to do.


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