The QB Conundrum in the Steel City

Let’s just cut to the chase: Mason Rudolph was atrocious on Sunday. He was inaccurate down the field and a statue in the pocket. Honestly it’s been the same song and dance essentially the entire year with him.

When Ben Roethlisberger went down, there was a sense of excitement getting to see if Mason Rudolph has what it takes. The Steelers are 6-5 and currently sitting as the No. 6 seed. That wouldn’t be possible without Devlin “Duck” Hodges coming in to save the day vs the atrocity that Cincinnati put on the field.

The question that Mike Tomlin has to answer now is who gives them the best chance to win: Duck or Mason?

I’ve been an advocate for Mason Rudolph mainly because of blind loyalty to the logo. When Rudolph entered the draft, I did not like him as a pro. As a quarterback, he just didn’t seem like he had the “it” factor that other QBs show and take with them to the next level.

When the Steelers drafted him, I had to be excited. A couple years removed, it’s been nothing short of a disappointment. His road hasn’t been the best. The second he was drafted he was immediately rejected by Big Ben on the radio waves. From there, it got worse being a healthy scratch game after game his rookie year. This year doesn’t need rehashed because anyone who has watched the Steelers can see he just doesn’t have “it.” 

Duck Hodges right now does have enough of “it” to lead this team. Ultimately, the team has done nothing but respond with fight and energy knowing he’s in the game. When Mason went down vs the Ravens, Duck stepped in and almost led this team to victory. The following week, he did enough to beat the Chargers. Last week vs the Bengals, he saved us and you can’t dismiss that. He stepped in and immediately passed the eye test compared to Rudolph. Duck was fearless and careful at the same time. He took what was given to him and moved within the pocket to create. There was zero hesitation from him on the long bomb to Washington. That’s what this team needs from the QB. 

I want to set the record straight and state that  Duck is not the QB of the future but who cares about the future. I’ve seen enough of Rudolph to know that he isn’t the QB of the now. As it stands, it’s about the now with this Steelers team and right now, they’re fighting to keep their spot for the playoffs. Duck Hodges gives this team the best chance to win now. 

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