Congrats, Penn State!

Congrats, Penn State!

You managed to cover the spread (-17.5) against the best team in college football, THE Ohio State University.

You also managed to only lose by 11, after Ohio State tried making it another exciting edition of one of the best rivalries in college football, THE OSU vs. Penn State.

And I know Penn State will make fun of us for storming the field. Which considering we won the Big Ten East with the victory over Penn State, it was time to celebrate another successful season down in Columbus.

Penn State also managed to stop THE MIGHTY CHASE YOUNG, holding him to only three sacks, two forced fumbles, nine tackles and three tackles for a loss.

Even Sandusky can’t touch this YOUNG!

Ohio State will be playing meaningful games in January, like the Fiesta Bowl or Peach Bowl, while Penn State will be playing in the highly covered Capital One Bowl.

Once again, congrats Penn State on this massive accomplishment!

Buckeyes are red, Nittany Lions are blue, Ohio State by 33, and Joe Paterno Knew

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