The Colin Kaepernick Saga

Three years ago, Colin Kaepernick did something a vast majority people in our world could never do. He sacrificed everything he had for something he believes in. How he went about it was so unearthing that he shook nerves of the leader of the free world.

This past Saturday at 3:00 PM, the entire saga was set to come full circle when the NFL organized a showcase for the quarterback to audition for a job in the NFL.

The NFL set up a tryout for the former QB to audition for all 32 teams. It was his first real NFL action in three years. The problem with the tryout was that it was an uneven playing field for Kaepernick. It wasn’t available to the media or the public, and then the NFL was going to control the narrative on if he was worthy. 

Soon before the workout was set to happen, Kaepernick changed everything due to seeking full transparency. He changed the venue from the closed Atlanta Falcons practice facility to a local high school field an hour away.

He allowed the media into the high school field to properly report his talents, and he went out there for a hour and did his thing. He threw dimes and displayed he has not lost an ounce of his athleticism that took the 49ers to the Super Bowl years ago. The results though, will remain the same and that is Colin Kaepernick will not have a job in the NFL this season. 

The one thing that bothers me from this situation is that people legitimately think that this man is not being blackballed by the NFL. At 32, this man is still talented enough for a backup QB job and you’d come to that conclusion if you looked at the rosters. Do the owners and the NFL want to deal with that circus though? Hell no! Why would they? The second he signs to backup anyone, the entire talk week in and week out would be when is he going to see the field. That’s not the issue here. 

To me, the NFL revealed it’s true colors by trying to control the perception of his workout and getting him to sign a waiver releasing them of any future collusion or employment related cases. The waiver is out there for all to read but all that needs to be known is that the NFL is scared of Kaepernick. They should be considering the three year hurricane that has happened due to him taking a knee. 

So where do we stand after all of this? The answer is simple and that is despite the great workout, we really do not know if Colin Kaepernick will work in the NFL again. The fact this showcase was put together by the NFL was strange from the beginning.

What was even stranger was that Kaepernick showed he simply did not care that he was not in the NFL. He showed he could play, but he never really indicated he was determined to get a job. Instead, he was more focused on being denied a job by the commissioner and the 32 owners of the NFL. The NFL tried to absolve themselves but he caught them in the act then flipped the script. I believe he deserves a job but after Saturday, it’s just hard to tell. 

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