The Knights stormed Dreamhack Atlanta!

This past weekend was Dreamhack Atlanta, which hosted multiple esports events, including the first Halo event in quite a good amount of time. Unfortunately, my boy Snip3down was unable to take home the trophy as team Mantra dropped in the losers finals, to the eventual winners of the whole tournament, TOX Gaming.

That’s not the point of this article, but I love Halo so I wanted to throw that in there :D. The point of this article is the two world championships hosted at Dreamhack ATL, the Smite World Championship and the Paladins World Championship, both of which had our hometown heroes show up to compete.

The Pittsburgh Knights came out in full force this weekend, hoping to go home with two world championship victories under their belt. Starting of with Smite, let’s take a look at how our valiant boys in black and gold did.

With the Smite World Championship being a single elimination bracket, the Knights only had one shot, and if they lost they were out. Unfortunately, Rowe, Adapting, Deathwalker, Vote and EmilZy did just that. They did their best, but they dropped the first series they played against the squad of Dignitas, 2-1. It was a short tournament for them, but hey, any team who manages to make it to the World Championship has the right to brag. Hats off to them for performing well enough to make it.

Following up with that, the Knights had a squad show up for the Paladins World Championship, and this time, it went much, much more differently. The squad of Zarini, Gbunny1, Simsiloo, Kusqt, RKTA and VapoR showed up, and they showed up to play. Having qualified via the PWC qualifier, they came into the tournament as underdogs.

This tournament also ran as a single elimination bracket, so they couldn’t afford to slip up, there was no losers bracket to battle back in. Each series was a best of 7.

To make matters worse, their first series was against a favorite in Natus Vincere. Did that matter to them?

No. No it did not.

The Knights came to play, and took control of their destiny by winning the first series against NaVi 4-2. Up next, they faced a very well known team in Team Envy. Did that matter either?


In a closer series, the Knights came out on top yet again with a 4-3 victory. Close as it may be, they battle and they won, and they punched their ticket to the FINALS of the World Championship, against Ninjas in Pyjamas. This series was a good one to watch, and a close one at that. It was looking grand for Pittsburgh as they came out swinging, going to a 2-0 lead in the series early on. Unfortunately, that’s where the bus stopped. NiP kicked it into overdrive and took the next 4 games, to end the series 4-2 in favor of the bad guys.

Image result for dreamhack atlanta 2019 paladins

Not the outcome any of us back at home wanted, but hey, a worlds finals appearance? Hell yeah. That’s what we like to see. The Knights have proven time and time again that they have teams that can perform and can bring pride to the city. I, for one, find the Knights as a team you love to see in the City of Champions.

GG Knights!

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