Jose Finds a Home

Wow. Just freaking…wow. In an unreal turn of events (that we kind of saw coming but still doesn’t feel real) the Tottenham Hotspurs sacked manager Mauricio Pochettino, ending a run many expected to lead him to a larger club.

From Southampton to Tottenham, Poch was fondly thought of as a promising coach that can develop and produce consistent young talent. The Spurs currently sit in 14th on the BPL table with recent losses to the likes of Brighton, Leicester and Colchester (pens) as well as tying Everton and Sheffield United.

There aren’t a lot of things I agree with Jamie Carragher about, but he’s right about one thing. This is late for a sack of this magnitude. A “mutual agreement” would have at least let us know that the club believes in Poch moving forward, he just isn’t right for them, right? Like…a full on firing? That man has made Tottenham relevant, plain and simple. The talent that the Spurs have is way too insane for them to be playing like a pile of poop.

Then enter the devil himself.

Now…Mourinho basically saved Man U football for a bit there. He won the Europa and got us to the Champions League, but in the end just wasn’t the correct manager moving forward. Me personally? I wanted Poch when Mourinho was outted. Ole has been sufficient and promising, so I can’t be too salty, but I really, really wanted Poch.

All in all, I still can’t believe Poch was sacked. Mourinho is in, and just to let everyone know Chipper will now be supporting Sheffield United until this nightmare is over!

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