End Of An Era

In what was one of the greatest drafts in NFL history, the 04 class has always been one riddled with questions. What is Eli would have just sucked it up and gone to the Chargers? Would the Steelers have gotten the guy they wanted in Rivers? What would the Giants look like with Big Ben at the helm? After last night’s poor performance from Rivers, I have to ask who’s career will fall first.

After the second interception last night, I legit pondered to myself if Philip Rivers would be done sooner rather than later in the NFL. He threw three picks against a largely mediocre defense in the Raiders last night and would have had two more if not for penalites.

I did a quick twitter poll on whose career would end sooner from that legendary 04′ draft, Big Ben, Eli Manning of Steely Phil.

The rreasonably correct answer as it sits right now is Eli who was replaced earlier this year by rookie Daniel Jones. Eli has had arguably the “best” career of the three quarterbacks with two Super Bowl rings, both against the Patriots which makes Eli basically a God in every football loving state aside from New England itself.

Rivers is the only one of the three still leading his team in 2019, despite the word “leading” being used pretty loosely. Don’t get me wrong, I love me some Philip Rivers down by 5 with 30 seconds to go on your own 10 yard line with no time outs.

Ben is probably the best of the three right now if it weren’t for his season ending elbow injury. It’s an interesting dilema with backup Mason Rudolph playing well enough to challenge Ben (and his 19 mill in cap space) for the starting role for years to come.

All speculation aside, these are three baaaaad dudes. Ben comes out with the most wins by a large magain, but it’s impossible to ignore Eli’s two Super Bowl MVPS. Ben’s been to the most SB’s in total, and Rivers still has never been able to make it to the big dance. Touchdowns are in Rivers favor, which can partially be credited to his amazing Antonio Gates relationship throughout his career.

It really does make you wonder which of these titans careers will be over the soonest. Realistically, the popular pick is just going to be Eli based on trade rumors, poor performance and the teams early draft stock placed at the position. Big Ben could come back and play two more years, but wouldn’t the Steelers be smarter to just go younger, earlier? And The Chargers have been in limbo for a long time. Do they address the position with a young talent like Jake Fromm or Jacob Eason in the draft and really give this elite (when health) defense the chance they need to go the distance?

Me personally? Rivers will be the last remaining. Eli should probably retire after this year, and Big Ben will play (maybe) two more seasons, if that. Rivers needs to keep this Chargers team away from the Super Bowl, otherwise LA might become a football city.

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