Rock the ROKKR

Recently announced and proudly representing the frozen state of Minnesota….

I’ll be honest, I have NO clue what ROKKR is or what it’s even supposed to be, but it sounds sick as hell. The branding is pretty nifty too. I think it’s like supposed to be a viking sort of thing, which lines up with the Minnesota Vikings (NFL team for all you fellow nerds reading this ;] ), which is sick!

Image result for minnesota rokkr roster

We’ve seen some pretty bland branding in the league already (LOOKING AT YOU TORONTO), so this is a nice breath of fresh air. Let’s take a gander at what they are bringing to the table in the form of a roster:

  • Assault
  • GodRx
  • SiLLY
  • Alexx
  • Asim
  • Exceed
  • TTinyy

Not a bad roster by any means. Outside of SiLLY and Asim though, no one really stands out to me as someone who can take over a game. Asim is a stretch at that anyways. I’m not sure what their plan of attack will be, but I’d have to bargain it would be looking to stay solid all around and they are banking on teamwork and chemistry to win them games.

They just sort of lack that extra talent that other teams seem to have. They don’t have that FORMAL or Simp or Dashy to be able to boost them when they need it. That being said, at the very least they have a pretty nifty little facility for their players.

Image result for minnesota cod facility

It’s good to see that their ownership, WISE Ventures, is seemingly sparing no expense when it comes to supporting the team, and that’s awesome to see to me. They will also be hosting the first event of the COD League and I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t highly considering going.

Image result for minnesota rokkr

Good luck to MN ROKKR!

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