Moorhead’s NFL Power Rankings – Week 8


Miami Dolphins (0-6)

Previous Rank: 32


For a minute it seemed like the Dolphins were getting things in order against one of the better defenses in the NFL. Sadly, I believe this was just because Ryan Fitzpatrick used to play for them and sort of knew their play style. Sadly, things went south for the Dolphins with another loss, but Ryan Fitzpatrick threw for a touchdown and also ran one in. This week they have a huge task against the Steelers on Monday.





Cincinnati Bengals (0-7)

Previous Rank: 31

NFL: Jacksonville Jaguars at Cincinnati Bengals

The Bengals had another tough loss this one in home territory against the Jaguars last week. Andy Dalton hung in there for the most part, but by the near end of the game he was starting to make mistakes and had one passing touchdown, one rushing touchdown and three interceptions. The overall organization is coming undone and their fans are starting to become agitated. I doubt their luck gets any better against the Rams this weekend.





Washington Redskins (1-6)

Previous Rank: 30

San Francisco 49ers v Washington Redskins

This was an ugly one due to the weather, but the Redskins actually managed to hold the 49ers to nine points. Again, I am factoring the weather and the field conditions in that a lot. Their passing offense did very little as Keenum only threw 12 times for 77 yards in the whole contest. Adrian Peterson got most of the run work rushing for 81 yards, but he fumbled the ball during the game. They don’t get much of a breather either as they take on the hot Vikings this Thursday night.





New York Jets (1-5)

Previous Rank: 25


This was just about as ugly as it could have gotten for the Jets last Monday as they were shut out 33-0 by the Patriots. Sam Darnold was hindered by a pathetic offensive line and was under pressure every time he had the ball. He threw four interceptions, lost a fumble and only had 86 passing yards. While i believe Darnold will be better after this game, this one especially stung. They get the Jaguars this week!





Atlanta Falcons (1-6)

Previous Rank: 28


The Falcons are done man. They just can’t get it together. The only shining light on this team now is Julio Jones who had a pretty good day considering he was being covered by Jalen Ramsey all game. The rest of the team not so much though. Both quarterback Matt Ryan and running back Ito Smith suffered injuries, starting running back Devonta Freeman got ejected for punching Aaron Donald, the defense was garbage and now Mohammad Sanu was just sent to New England. Tough times are on the rise for Atlanta as they take on the Seahawks this week.





Tampa Bay Buccaneers (2-4)

Previous Rank: 29

NFL International Series-Carolina Panthers at Tampa Bay Buccaneers

The Bucs move up two spots coming off their bye week and it is only because other teams did so poorly. This week they get the Tennessee Titans who just beat the Los Angeles Chargers. The time is now for Jameis Winston to step up and show the world if he is truly a franchise quarterback or a bust. In order to do that though they have to get through the Titans.





Denver Broncos (2-5)

Previous Rank: 26


The Broncos’ world of suck just keeps getting worse and worse as they suffered a loss last week against the Chiefs. The bad part is that the Chiefs lost Mahomes in this game and had to roll with Matt Moore. The even worse part is that this Kansas City defense came alive and sacked Flacco I believe eight or nine times and they had 11 sacks in total all season. The worst part though is now they have traded away Emmanuel Sanders to the San Francisco 49ers. This week they get the Colts who are red hot off their win against Houston.





New York Giants (2-5)

Previous Rank: 27


I’ll move the Giants up two spots simply for getting some of their key pieces back. So one for Saquon Barkley and one for Evan Engram. However, they still lost to the Cardinals last week and the story of this was their defense. After putting up a decent showing against the Patriots, this defense got submerged in red and white in the form of Chase Edmunds. Daniel Jones also gave the Cardinals their first interception of the season which is never good either. They’ll look to bounce back against the Lions this week.





Cleveland Browns (2-4)

Previous Rank: 24


The Browns are coming off their bye week after being beaten by the Seahawks two weeks ago. Now they have their toughest challenge yet as they take on the undefeated New England Patriots this week. Will Baker Mayfield crack under the pressure? Is the Dawg Pound truly in the dog house? These questions will be answered and more this weekend.





Los Angeles Chargers (2-5)

Previous Rank: 21

NFL: Los Angeles Chargers at Tennessee Titans

The Chargers drop two more spots after in my mind was an embarrassing loss to the Titans last week. The Titans started Ryan Tannehill who hasn’t started in an NFL game since last year and along with Derrick Henry and the rest of the Titans knocked out the Chargers. This team has a lot of talent on this team and it is a shame they are in this position, but they are. This week the Chargers will take on the Chicago Bears whose run defense has been shaky the last two weeks.





Tennessee Titans (3-4)

Previous Rank: 22


Speaking of the Titans they stay put at the number 22 position on my ranking despite their win against the Chargers. The reason being is that while the offense and defense played well, I sincerely believe that the Chargers should have won this game. There were multiple calls at the end of the game that sealed the Chargers fate as Gordon ran in a touchdown, but it was called back and it happened once or twice in a row. The Titans were just lucky to finally make Gordon fumble the ball. This week the Titans get the Buccaneers. Could this be the end of the Mariota era with Tannehill proving himself?





Oakland Raiders (3-3)

Previous Rank: 18


The Raiders drop three spots after losing hard to the Green Bay Packers last weekend. Derek Carr actually for the most part played pretty well despite the interception he threw and the fumble he had. He went 22-28 for 293 yards and had two touchdowns. Josh Jacobs had success on the ground rushing for 124 yards, but he couldn’t get the touchdown. The defense was the real struggle here though as they let Aaron Rodgers score six total touchdowns against them. This week they will look to bounce back against the Houston Texans.





Arizona Cardinals (3-3-1)

Previous Rank: 23


Well this was a bittersweet one for me as i was happy that the Cardinals got the win, but i had David Johnson on my fantasy team. He was listed as active and only had three carries in the whole game before backup Chase Edmunds came in and dominated on the ground with 127 rushing yards and three touchdowns. Murray didn’t do much as they relied heavy on the run game. The defense also got their first interception of the season off of Daniel Jones as well. This week they get a much tougher challenge against the New Orleans Saints.





Detroit Lions (2-3-1)

Previous Rank: 17


The Lions had an amazing contest against the Vikings, but sadly they could not get it done against Minnesota and they drop two spots. I honestly probably wouldn’t have moved them as much, but sadly running back Kerryon Johnson is done for the season and they just dealt away their starting safety Quandre Diggs to the Seahawks for some odd reason. Stafford should see an increase in passes now that his star running back is out so expect that and a lot more out of star receivers Golladay and Jones. This week the Lions take on the New York Giants which could see Stafford excelling in the passing game yet again.





Pittsburgh Steelers (2-4)

Previous Rank: 19


The Steelers are coming off of their bye week and they have the perfect matchup ahead against the Miami Dolphins. Mason Rudolph is officially out of the concussion protocol and will start against this terrible defense. While i feel Mason will do fine, James Conner on the other hand should be great as this defense is trash against the run. The defense should also thrive here against Fitzpatrick as long as they can keep the pressure on him. Look for the Steelers to do really well this week.





Jacksonville Jaguars (3-4)

Previous Rank: 20


The Jaguars rise three spots in the ranking and while it might seem like much beating the Bengals, this defense played outstanding for the most part of this contest. They had Andy Dalton scurrying so much that he was the leading rusher for his team. They held receivers (aside from Erickson) and Joe Mixon and intercepted Andy Dalton three times and did well in this contest. Garnder Minshew did decent here too, but the defense was the real story here. This week the Jaguars go up against the Jets.





Philadelphia Eagles (3-4)

Previous Rank: 13


The Eagles drop three spots after a very disappointing performance against the Dallas Cowboys last week. At one point it just seemed like the Eagles had given up or that is what it looked like I guess. Wentz was not good here as he only passed for 191 yards, one touchdown and an interception. The running game couldn’t get going and the defense crumbled under Prescott, Elliot and Cooper. This week the Eagles get the Buffalo Bills whose defense could prove troublesome for Wentz.





Chicago Bears (3-3)

Previous Rank: 11


I thought the Bears were going to put up a little bit more of a fight against the Saints, but sadly that wasn’t the case and honestly it wasn’t the offense’s fault. The defense cracked under pressure here which is odd to see as Teddy and Latavius played them here in this contest. Trubisky looked good in the contest tossing two touchdown passes, but the defense and a Montgomery fumble took the Bears out last week. This week they look to rebound against the Los Angeles Chargers.





Dallas Cowboys (4-3)

Previous Rank: 16


The Cowboys bounced back in a big way last week with a win over divisional rival Philadelphia. Prescott passed for 239 yards, had one touchdown and a pick while completing 77% of his passes. Elliot ran for over 100 yards and had a rushing touchdown as well. We were wondering about Cooper’s status going into the game, but he caught all five of his targets for 106 yards. The defense also did a great job of containing Wentz and the offense. Now the Cowboys go on bye and rest.





Los Angeles Rams (4-3)

Previous Rank: 14

Los Angeles Rams v Atlanta Falcons

Speaking of another team that bounced back, the Rams move up a spot after decimating the Falcons last week. Goff especially did better with three total touchdowns on the day (two passing, one rushing) and had 268 passing yards. We also saw first hand a rebirth of the defense as Aaron Donald and newly acquired Jalen Ramsey did very well in their respective positions. The Rams now get a reprieve match against the Bengals this week and hope to get back on track.





Indianapolis Colts (4-2)

Previous Rank: 15


The Colts surprised me a lot this past weekend with a huge divisional win over the Houston Texans. Jacoby Brissett was phenomenal in this matchup with four passing touchdowns on the day. Overall, they played an incredible game against the Texans and now will look to next weekend when they go up against the Denver Broncos. I think Brissett, Mack and Hilton should be great in this upcoming matchup.





Carolina Panthers (4-2)

Previous Rank: 10


The Panthers drop a spot coming off of their bye strictly because of who they are facing. They go up against the San Francisco 49ers this weekend and the matchup does not favor them. Most likely the 49ers will look to isolate Christian McCaffrey and hold him forcing Kyle Allen to throw and make mistakes. Allen has won every game so far this season, but this might be the first loss going up against this brick wall of a defense.





Kansas City Chiefs (5-2)

Previous Rank: 7


The Chiefs may have won against the Broncos, but it wasn’t without a sacrifice as their star quarterback Patrick Mahomes suffered a dislocated knee and will be out for three to five weeks which is why they drop three spots. Their defense might have stepped up, but it is their offense that has carried them throughout the year and with Mahomes out I do not feel confident for the Chiefs for those weeks. With opponents like Green Bay and Minnesota on the rise it will be hard for the team to put trust in backup Matt Moore.





Houston Texans (4-3)

Previous Rank: 6


The Texans drop three spots after failing to achieve victory against the Indianapolis Colts. Watson threw a touchdown, but also threw two interceptions and did not have a rushing touchdown. The Texans will look to lean on Kenny Stills and DeAndre Hopkins now as Will Fuller will likely miss multiple games with an injury. The running game was also virtually ineffective. Now the Texans have a chance to get back on track this week with a matchup with the Oakland Raiders.





Baltimore Ravens (5-2)

Previous Rank: 12


The Ravens move up four spots after an impressive win against the Seattle Seahawks. While Lamar Jackson was 9-20 and didn’t have a passing touchdown, for the second week in a row he did most of his damage on the ground rushing for 116 yards and a rushing touchdown. We also saw how Earl Thomas did against his former team and what an impact newly acquired Marcus Peters was has he became the first one to pick off Russell Wilson all season. The Ravens now go on bye to rest and train for week nine.





Buffalo Bills (5-1)

Previous Rank: 9

NFL: Miami Dolphins at Buffalo Bills

While it took a while in this game to get it done, the Buffalo Bills took down the Miami Dolphins and move up two spots because of it. The Dolphins exposed the defense a little bit, but honestly I am putting that on Fitzpatrick’s shoulders rather than the actual team and coaching staff. The Bills did well though as Josh Allen threw for over 200 yards and had two touchdowns in this game. This week they get the Philadelphia Eagles who are in a downward spiral as of late. I can promise you this. If Philly plays like they did last week Buffalo will come crashing down on them like tables at a tailgate.





Seattle Seahawks (5-2)

Previous Rank: 5

Ravens Seahawks Football

The Seahawks fell to the Ravens not in the greatest fashion, but I still believe they are a good football team despite the loss. Russell Wilson was under a lot of pressure from the Ravens and with that pressure he experienced his first interception of the season. I believe this team will get back on track this week when they go up against the Falcons whose defense is absolutely dreadful. Wilson should thrive next week with a matchup like that.





Minnesota Vikings (5-2)

Previous Rank: 8


Well looking back at the beginning of the season I never thought this would happen, but the Vikings land themselves in the top five after a huge victory over the Detroit Lions last week. I’ll have you know that after Adam Thielen made that comment about Kirk Cousins, Cousins has thrown 976 yards, ten touchdowns and one pick in three weeks. Kirky Boy is on a roll and so are the Vikings. The bad thing is that Thielen will miss this week after an injury he suffered in last week’s game. On to this week though as he faces his former team in the Washington Redskins Thursday night.





San Francisco 49ers (6-0)

Previous Rank: 2

NFL: San Francisco 49ers at Washington Redskins

Now I wanna be clear here. The only reason they dropped is because they couldn’t do much in their game because of the weather and the field conditions. The game ended in a shut out, but it was 9-0. Jimmy G is now making me question him as he he didn’t throw much in this game, but still threw an interception against the Redskins. Again, I am blaming it on the other conditions, but Jimmy has to be better still. This defense is elite and will continue to be that way against the Panthers this upcoming weekend.





Green Bay Packers (6-1)

Previous Rank: 4


Aaron Rodgers proved he is still the true goat when he put on a clinic against the Oakland Raiders with six count them yes six total touchdowns (five passing and one rushing) and over 400 passing yards. Green Bay ascends now as a huge dominant threat in the NFL taking the bronze medal in my rankings. They will have to do that and more as they look to get a win against the Chiefs this Sunday night.





New Orleans Saints (6-1)

Previous Rank: 2


The Saints proved that even without weapons Alvin Kamara and Jared Cook that they are still a threat with their win over the Chicago Bears. Teddy Bridgewater did good in this game connecting with Michael Thomas and Josh Hill, but honestly this was a game in which the run game surprisingly did really well with Latavius Murray. The Bears defense was swiss cheese against the run for the second straight week in a row. Now they go and face an Arizona Cardinals team that has won three straight games in a row.





New England Patriots (7-0)

Previous Rank: 1

Patriots Jets Football

Well there isn’t much to say about this one. Brady didn’t do much and relied on short passes, the run game and the defense once again in this shut out victory over the Jets with the score being 33-0. The defense put Darnold in such a “scare” that he thought he was seeing ghosts for god sakes. They intercepted Sam four times and caused him to fumble as well. Brady also now has a new weapon in former Atlanta Falcon receiver Mohammad Sanu which is going to be a very dangerous combination especially when they look to take it to the Cleveland Browns this week.










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