Big Baseball Guy…Huge

Let’s just have a quick moment of silense for other sports real quick, because last nights game 1 of the World Series was flerping awesome. This may come to a shock to a lot of you…but I really haven’t watched much baseball this year. I’m not saying I deserve an award for watching, but if they did give out awards for watching I would have got one.

Last nights pitching matchup made me regret that though. I love Cole. Like, it feels like when you were in a class group project, and your group was kind of fun and what not but we really weren’t getting any good grades, so the super cool smart kid got put into anothr group, and it makes sense because we absolutely weregoing to make this kid fail the class, but it just sucks without them? You know what I’m talking about.

There were some sick dope lines out of last night as well. I had no idea that Zimmerman was the first player drafted by the Nationals when the franchise started, making it only logical that he also got the teams first World Series home run last night.

I wonder what this team would be if they still had Harper. Personally, I think they’d have missed the playoffs just simply based off of a big name player being a potential curse, right? I mean I’m not saying that Harper is an instant curse, but if you leave a haunted house and the ghost comes with you, it might be a you thing bro.

Hopefully some other benchers give you some actual baseball insight about last night. Cole is a beast, Scherzer looked scared, Soto is potentially my new favorite player, Alutve is hysterically athletic for his height, and I still don’t understand how catchers don’t get paid more. Suzuki single handedly made sure that Scherzer wasn’t a meme in the morning by saving ball after ball that came across the plate through the dirt.

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