What We Know About the NFL – Week 5

I just want the Steelers to win. We lost by 3 points each game so like…we aren’t BAD, but man do I just want to win. Shooo. Here’s what we know.

Lamar Jackson is human

The Pittsburgh Steelers Defense is legit

The Bengals are trying to beat the Dolphins to Tua

Justin Tucker can kick from anywhere

The Packers are the real deal

Aaron Jones needs freed every game

Mason Rudolph might retire and no one would blame him

Devin Bush is worth the trade up

The Chiefs are beatable (might be the only real proven thing said in here)

The Colts are winners

I picked Frank Reich to win coach of the year

Baker may be a bust. I dont really know what to think of the Browns right now man, but he may be a bust.

Odell is the Browns best QB

The 49ers are ABSOLUTELY the real deal.

Superbowl champs? No. But the real deal.

I still Love Jacoby Brissett.

The Patriots are better than everyone still.

Christian McCaffrey is a God.

Like…he’s the best player in Football.

The Vikings just hate Diggs.

Duck Hodges is the new Gardner Minshew.

The Saints D is a Superbowl Defense.

How bad can things really get for the Bengals?

The Jaguars will never play Nick Foles as their starter again.

The Raiders are actually good and its weird to type that.

Did I mention CMC is the MVP?

And as always, Aaron Rodgers is just not human.

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