Moneyball (The End is Near)

This week the Moneyball Franchise faced two teams that produced well over 200 points. When you need a little luck that’s when it rains excrement. 

The 8 Team League the opponent had Russel Wilson, Will Fuller, and Christan McCaffrey. So between those three players he beat me handedly. 

The Thoughts From The Bench League my opponent also had Christian McCaffery plus Amari Cooper and Tyler Boyd for good measure. So again I was dead in the water.

Now with my record starting to look grim I wonder if it is time to make adjustments. I started Kyler Murray this week in both leagues and was rewarded for doing so. Especially since Baker Mayfield was dog shit.

OBJ continues to be irrelevant, and at least once per game I’m losing a player to health. The waters seem unsure and the urge to ditch the Moneyball system is great. For the sake of our readers I will stick it out. Just to see if this ship will eventually turn around. 

Fingers crossed the Browns schedule is tough for the next four weeks. Maybe they figure it out, or maybe I’m left hoping they peak during divisional play late in the season. 

Bellow is the matchup.

Thoughts From The Bench League

8 Team League

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