Vegas Odds for the TFTB Home Run Derby

So there might be a few of you that have heard, but this weekend is the first ever Thoughts From the Bench Wiffle Ball Home Run Derby, a closed door tournament for the benchers to see who’s elite and who’s named Greg. Also, the HOTO boys are lucky I put them on the trophy…if they don’t win it, I’m starting my own baseball podcast.

I mean….shooooooooooooooooo! This baby looks sleeeeeeek. S/O to Vo for perfecting the trophy needs in my life more than I thought I needed.

We don’t have the formal bracket yet, but we will be doing the home run derby the same way the pros do it – 1 v 1 bracket challenges. Personally, I would have rather had it be the old format where the person with the least amount of homers each round is just kicked out so that when I smash 69 dingers to right field everyone knows my greatness, but it is what it is.

Participators are Myself, Greg Malek, Greg Mac, Dre Frye, Brooksy, Marty, Yung Peter, Vo, the Pittsburgh Riverhounds #1 fan Denny with everyones favorite father Chip at the mound. Here are my created with no rhyme or reason odds for the winner of the HRD.

Brooksy – 6-1

Brooksy is the easy odds on favorite, no holds barred. This dude is CLEARLY the best athlete so far on the bench, getting second in the PSL Corn Hole league last session and putting on a clinic two weeks ago for the rest of the corn hole community. Coming off of a marriage, nothing can stop this man…except the TFTB Corn Hole team.

Mac – 7-1

I don’t normally give credit, but Mac is the second favorite for me right now. Mac clearly is athletic (SRU intermurals, not a flex just saying) and has played baseball his whole life. Wiffle ball seems to be a prime location for Mac to show off his abilities.

Deke 7-1

lol Mac might be ranked ahead of me but if you think his odds were going to be above mine you wild. I’m a stud. I’m a winner. I’m going to pull a muscle for sure, but most likely doing my victory lap.

Yung Peter 8-1

Peter is clearly in the best shape of anyone that’s every written or done anything for TFTB, so he has a great shot to win this weekend. Personally, I don’t know much of his swinging athletic ability, but the guy can run a mile in 30 seconds (or close to it) and started a goalkeeping glove company from the ground up. Never. Ever. Sleep on Yung Peter.

Denny 10-1

Denny is an athlete, plain and simple. The guy lives across the street from the field, so if I know Denny he’ll be up there swinging the wiffle bat all night long to get ready. The guy is a train, and those quads don’t mess around. Look for the only non “official” bencher to take this one back home…across the street to his bed to go back to sleep. He will most likely be hungover AF.

Dre 11-1

Dre is a tough one for me, because the guy is an athlete. Dre has played baseball and regularly plays in PSL leagues, my only issue is that Dre has a tendency to….go down in a miraculous dumpster fire. (CC: Fantasy Football) I think Dre could surprise some people with this one.

Malek 12-1

Ok….I have never, and I don’t mean this in a negative way, seen Malek do anything athletic. The guy is just extremely casual all the time, which makes me so excited to see him in his element with a baseball (wiffle) bat. Malek played baseball his entire life, and the only reason he’s this low on the list is purely because we just don’t know what we’ll get.

Marty 20-1

If I’m you, I’m selling the house on Marty to win with these odds. I put marty at 20-1 for one simple reason…a hockey stick is different than a wiffle ball bat. That’s it. The guy was a STUD at the Mutiny Tournament, and as he said this morning “I only hit Dingers”. BET. THE. HOUSE.

Vo 30-1

Vo said “I might as well just keep the trophy when I pick it up, right?” Wrong. This bender is only good at one thing, and that’s being just a wonderful human being. Love you Vo, but you’re out in the first round no matter what. Do. Not. BET. THE. HOUSE.

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