The Hallmark Christmas Movie Drinking Game

I really have tried in recent months to stop flat out hating on Hallmark movies. Look, if something really makes people happy and the only downside is that I have to sit through it, what harm does that do the world?

It did, however get me thinking. What if there was a way for me to enjoy Hallmark movies with my mom and my girlfriend? I mean, a simple ask right? But how can I make something so commercialized and obvious (I write fake scripts to Hallmark movies, not flexing just saying) fun for idiots like me?

Simple…add alcohol.

I have found the Pinnacle guys. Look, watching Candace Cameron Bure find out that Santa accidently broke down his sleigh in a small town just outside of civilization for the 15th time can be redundant, I know. BUT, now you get a shot if she’s in the movie!

The rules are super simple, and if you’ve ever watched a Hallmark movie all of these things have happened. Hear Jingle Bells? Take a sip. The main characters are snowed in? O no! Whatever will they do! Probably fall in love and survive the winter storm. What will I do? Take two sips. Badaboom.

Also, did anyone else know Lacey Chabert was the chick from Mean Girls? I feel like shes in every Hallmark movie, her or Danica McKellar, who you might know from Wonder Years, but I know as Trudy from the notorious “Pineapple Incident” in How I Met Your Mother.

I might have to update the rules come November for 2019…

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