#DrePredictions ALDS, Championship Series, and World Series

We’re back with the second half of #DrePredictions. I’m not going to bore you with a good intro so let’s continue with the magic!

ALDS Yankees vs Twins

This is easily going to be the series in the divisional round. I’m upset this is only going to be 5 games because i would have loved to see these two teams slug it out for 7. The Yankees and Twins have the two most high-powered offenses in Major League Baseball. They finished No. 1 and 2 in runs scored, home runs, and runs batted in. If you’re a bettor and you don’t hammer every single over in this series then you’re crazy.

We knew the Yankees would have a high powered offense starring Giancarlo Stanton, Aaron Judge, Gary Sanchez, Didi Gregorious, midseason acquisition Edwin Encarnacion, and breakout star Gleyber Torres. It’s nothing short of incredible that this team is actually atop the AL East standings after losing a big bulk of their team to the injury bug.

They set the MLB record this year with most players to ever hit the injury list. A huge bulk of their star hitters mentioned above were on the injured list, however they won the AL East crown without their ace in Luis Severino. He’s now back so we will see what he can bring to the table versus the Twins.

This Minnesota team is pretty special. First year manager Rocco Baldelli is without a doubt the manager of the year. No one (including myself) expected them to win the AL Central. I know Heart of the Order co-host Greg Malek said this team would be pretty surprising. Even then, no one predicted them to win 101 games. What I love about this Twins team is how deep they are. Unlike the Yankees, this team does not boast big time household names. Instead, this team does it with an insane amount of depth. They’ve had 11 different guys hit double digit homers. That’s highly impressive to have considering two of those guys do not get every day at bats.

This series is going to come down to the starting pitching and who can keep the baseballs in the yard. It’s tough sledding for Jose Berrios, James Paxton, Luis Severino, and Jake Odorizzi. 

Yankees over Twins in 5

ALDS Rays vs Astros

Congrats to the Rays on making it past the A’s. You really have to tip your cap at what this franchise has done with the lowest payroll in baseball. I’m just upset they play in that trashcan of a stadium. Their prize is an absolute buzzsaw in the Houston Astros. I am such a fan of the Rays and everything they do. The fact they have former Buccos in Tyler Glasnow, Charlie Morton, and Austin Meadows makes it easier to root for them. They just do not compare to the Houston Astros. As stated earlier, the Yankees and Twins were top two in runs scored, home runs, and runs batted in. Well, Houston was right behind them and they were tops in the majors in team batting average. What makes this team scary and why I give the Rays no chance is their pitching. Justin Verlander or Gerrit Cole are going to win the Cy Young. They very well may be the best pitching duo in the playoffs since Randy Johnson and Curt Schilling back in 2001. Their third pitcher is midseason acquisition Zack Grienke. Like I said before, good luck but this one will not last long. 

Astros over Rays in 3

Without going into much detail here, let’s dive into the remaining #DrePredictions

NLCS Cardinals vs Dodgers

The Cardinals always have some type of October magic and if they get past the Braves,  this team out of all NL teams can find a way to foil the plans of the LA Dodgers. Death, taxes, and Cardinals in the playoffs. It hasn’t been that way lately, but that’s what sort of leaves me to pause and think if they can actually beat the Dodgers. The answer is yes. I’m sticking with my preseason #DrePrediction here and the Dodgers are winning the NL Pennant. In the season series, the Cardinals have the edge 4 games to 3 and I think this carries over into October. 

Cardinals over Dodgers in 7 games

ALCS Yankees vs Astros

This matchup is going to be fun. I’m really excited to watch how the Yankees lineup is going to fair against the Astros starting pitching. The starting rotation nod is obvious as the Astros have the upper hand. However, the Yankees bullpen is a machine. They have so many power arms in there and that’s without power arm Delin Betances. The obvious matchups here will be how the Yankees hitters fair vs the Astros starters and the Astros hitters vs the Yankees bullpen. In the preseason, I picked the Yankees to win the AL Pennant and I don’t think that changes. This team overcame so much adversity this year that makes me believe they can pull it out.

Yankees over Astros in 6

World Series Cardinals vs Yankees

I would be so fraudulent to abandon ship now. I had a chance to evaluate these teams in the preseason and believed they would end up here. After 162 games, I’m sticking with my exact outcome.

The 2019 World Series Champions will be the New York Yankees. 

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